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Live long, techie

Lately, I’ve been taking exam papers for my ground school that are of a more technical type and require a little more technical knowledge. I realized that I was able to digest the subjects that were taught at a faster pace and am able to project more confidence during exams. I’m not sure if anyone have experienced it before but for most of the technical and practical lessons, I’m able to somewhat hack it at ease and enjoy the learning journey.

Unlike the more theoretical subjects like meteorology and aerodynamics, I have greater passion for technical stuff. This seems to be true as during my polytechnic days, I hated modules like mathematics but enjoyed software programming and networking. Also, my intern-ship back in the states have also exposed me to a wide variety of hands-on applications and projects which I truly enjoyed working on.

If I were to relate my passion and speciality in terms of technical aspect to the flying industry, I hope that I’ll be able to understand the applications and apply the concepts correctly. However, there are still many other aspects to consider since flying is all about precision, mental capacity and decision making.

Based on what I’ve experienced and observed, I’ll need to work harder to improve my mental capacity. This is because I’ve come to realize that I’m able to study only in an absolute quiet environment and I get agitated easily if I was interrupted while studying. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why I’m unable to perform during exams while studying in a noisy environment.


Time's top 100 most influential people for the year 2007 voting

It’s time of the year again to vote for Times Time’s top 100 most influential people for the year 2007. Who do you think should be on this year’s list of Time’s most influential people and who will you vote for?

Real-time update of twits and playlist

This was what I’ve been up to for the last few days and it also explains the infrequent updates. I’ve been trying to find the most viable method to synchronize my last.fm recently played tracks on my blog without any third-party plug-ins. In the past, the tracks were updated only when I played the music using WinAmp on my desktop computer. Furthermore, I’m constantly switching between iTunes and WinAmp and there isn’t any free visualization for iTunes to achieve the same desire results. Hence, I came up with a PHP script to parse the RSS file, cache it locally and display it. With the script, I’m now able to use last.fm’s audioscrobble on any media player and my recently listened tracks will be updated accurately.

Next, I’ve also added my twitter recent posts on the sidebar. I came to know about twitter after reading Vanessa’s SXSW 2007 entry on how twitter was used during the conference and I thought it was an interesting and alternative means of communication. I use twitter mainly for short posts that doesn’t exactly qualify as an entry and the 140 characters limit makes things short and sweet.

Alright, this should sum up what I’ve been up to lately.


Paper Wallet

A step by step guide on how to create a paper wallet with only sheet of 8.5 by 11 paper folded, with minimal cutting, and one piece of tape.

What does OK stands for and its related expressions

OK, you got it. We’ve been hearing and using this acronym so often but do you have any idea what “OK” really meant and where does the expression comes from?

What time is dinner? Here's the evolution of mealtimes across centuries

What time is dinner? Here’s the evolution of mealtimes across centuries. My meal times are 0700 hours for breakfast, 1145 to 1230 for Lunch and between 1800 to 1900 for dinner. There’s no supper unless I’m feeling real hungry. Skipping any meals is not a viable option as well!

A gallery of the most beautiful bridge in the world

A gallery of the most beautiful bridge in the world. Photo #8 and the Golden Gate Bridge are the more beautiful ones.

How to foil bank robbers: Try smiling

How to foil bank robbers – try smiling. “Excessive friendliness is the key to the safecatch system”. (via kottke)

Why should we have eight hours' sleep

Do we really need 8 hours of sleep a night? I’m clocking about 6.5 hours a night on weekdays (sometimes even lesser) but at least 7 hours during weekends.

The blogger code of conduct – tyranny of good intentions

The blogger code of conduct – tyranny of good intentions.

Interesting note on the difference between prison and work

World's top 100 most liveable cities

According to a new Mercer study, the world’s top 100 liveable cities includes Zurich, Vancouver, Sydney, Copenhagen, Berlin, Melbourne, Ottawa, Stockholm and many more. Singapore is the first Asia country to appear on the list of top 40, 1 rank above Tokyo and 41 ranks above Malaysia.

Reasons why cell phone are still banned on planes

Reasons why cell phone are still banned on planes. “It’s because phones interfere with airplane electronics, right? Wrong”.

Furniture inspired by scrabble game and 12 solar powered aircraft

Gallery of Portraits created with COFFEE, not paint

If you ever run out of poster colours, you can use coffee to paint your portraits and keep you awake.

Driving in rain

I was about to leave my house for driving lesson when the gloomy clouds decided that it had endured enough and started to give way by releasing its long accumulated load. I thought to myself “oh no, not again”. I dislike being outdoors when it rains and more importantly, I hate it when it rain during my driving lessons! Not only will the visibility be reduced, I find that it’s a great challenge for learner drivers like me whom have little road experience to properly handle a vehicle. I’ve had bad experience while driving in a heavy downpour condition and I was determined to avoid it.

Just as I guessed, my driving skills were a little rusty as I’m only able to attend lessons once a week due to work commitment. I barely moved the vehicle when my instructor applied handbrake because he thinks it’s unsafe to filter out of the lane when I was sure that there were enough clearance and time to move out. For that, he started to nag at me but I let it fall on deaf ears. I guess my cousin would echo my sentiments because he too had bad experiences with my instructor.

Anyway, I did screw up a little during my circuit lesson as I got mixed up with the orientation. For that, my instructor had an opportunity to give sarcastic remarks. Moreover, the circuit was packed with cars and I spent half the time waiting for my turn. Nevertheless, I still managed to make my money worth by at least practicing at all the various stations.

Driving aside, this long weekend was spent studying for the Avionics exam due on Tuesday as well as preparation for the Navigation module presentation materials. I didn’t even manage to hit the pool for a swim as planned and that certainly won’t happen next week because I’ll be busy studying for yet another exam and anticipating one of the most stressful and busiest weeks for the duration of my course.


A photo gallery of creative sculptures made with smoke

Transonic jet gathers clouds

The F22 plane flies at near-supersonic speed that it can cause changes to the temperature and pressure of the air around it enabling ambient moisture to condense and clouds to form naturally.

How to use the English punctuation correctly

We’ve all been writing since primary 1…but have you wondered if you know how to use the English punctuation correctly?

Adidas, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Canon, IKEA, Lego, Nokia, Oracle, Pepsi, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Volvo are all famous company names. So, what's so special about each company name?

Adidas, Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Canon, IKEA, Lego, Nokia, Oracle, Pepsi, Starbucks, Taco Bell, Volvo are all famous company names. So, what’s so special and where does these company names come from? Notice that you don’t see too many origins like “Developed during brainstorming session with $100k naming consultant.”

Peer Influence

For the past few hours, I have been hesitating to install the newly released Command and Conquer 3 game on my computer. Ever since my colleague purchased the game and loaded on his laptop, I’ve seen him played for days now and the game play somewhat captured my attention. I’m not who’s into computer games but occasionally, I would play one or two. And so, I’ve finally installed it and within an hour, I’ve completed two missions!

On a side note, the Nokia E61 mobile phone seems to be selling like hotcakes. I’ve seen too many of it both at work and on streets. At work, almost one would purchase the phone after another and I guess it could be due to the fact that they may want to keep up with trend and technology or otherwise, it would be peer influence. Of course, I’m tempted to new gadgets as well but time and time again, I’ve always restrained myself because I know I can and would never be able to catch up with technology. Furthermore, I’m not one who will buy things on impulse and normally, before I make a purchase, I would ask myself if I really need it. I’m not criticising anyone here but personally I feel that one should have values and should not be so easily influenced.

Anyway, this week was a great week to catch some breath as there were no exams or time pressing projects. All I had was a presentation on Avionics and IPPT in the morning. Still, I was rather annoyed with some issues at work but I’ve learnt to live with it and let things be. From past experiences, I’ve learnt to be wiser and sometimes, it’s better to observe and react as accordingly.


Some interesting facts between men's and women's brain

Some interesting facts between men’s and women’s brain…”Why do women always want to talk? Researchers have found that connecting with another through talking will trigger the pleasure centers in a woman’s brain, a high second only to an orgasm”. There’s also top 10 awards for women involved in accidents.

What happens when coffee meets milk?

What happens when coffee meets milk?