Live long, techie

Lately, I’ve been taking exam papers for my ground school that are of a more technical type and require a little more technical knowledge. I realized that I was able to digest the subjects that were taught at a faster pace and am able to project more confidence during exams. I’m not sure if anyone have experienced it before but for most of the technical and practical lessons, I’m able to somewhat hack it at ease and enjoy the learning journey.

Unlike the more theoretical subjects like meteorology and aerodynamics, I have greater passion for technical stuff. This seems to be true as during my polytechnic days, I hated modules like mathematics but enjoyed software programming and networking. Also, my intern-ship back in the states have also exposed me to a wide variety of hands-on applications and projects which I truly enjoyed working on.

If I were to relate my passion and speciality in terms of technical aspect to the flying industry, I hope that I’ll be able to understand the applications and apply the concepts correctly. However, there are still many other aspects to consider since flying is all about precision, mental capacity and decision making.

Based on what I’ve experienced and observed, I’ll need to work harder to improve my mental capacity. This is because I’ve come to realize that I’m able to study only in an absolute quiet environment and I get agitated easily if I was interrupted while studying. Perhaps this could be one of the reasons why I’m unable to perform during exams while studying in a noisy environment.