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CSS to style form buttons across IE, FireFox and Safari

Licensed to drive…

a motor car! After numerous driving lessons and the amount of money I’ve “invested”, I’ve finally obtained my Class 3 driving license this afternoon. I’m in a state of mixed emotions at the time of writing this entry and no words can describe the sense of relief I felt when the examiner finalized my results.

My driving instructor was kind enough to give me last minute pointers just before I went to ballot for my test route. Time seems to tick by slowly as I waited anxiously for the balloting to begin. I looked through the list of testers’ name and the test route they are assigned to and prayed that I’ll be able to get my desire route and a kind tester. As I placed my hand into the ballot box, I simply picked one number and to my surprise, it was the test route and tester I’ve hoped for. I thought God was kind and luck was on my side now.

Everything went smoothly during the initial phase of the test and I could still hear my own heartbeat beating fast and furious. I managed to clam down and proceeded to clear my first obstacle. Next item was parallel parking. I was confident and managed to get the car parked neatly. Just as I was about to reverse the vehicle and get out of the lot, the vehicle struck one of the two poles! My heart sunk by a few thousand feet and I thought that’s it. I wasn’t too sure if that constitute an immediate failure or deduction of 10 demerit points.

I managed to steal a quick glance on the check-list and saw a tick on the 10 demerit point check box. My morale boasted a little and I carried on with the rest of the stations in the circuit uneventfully. The ride at the roads was relatively smooth except for a lane changing sequence which the tester thought was too abrupt. What’s more…I realised that generally, Singapore drivers are patient and kind enough to give way for vehicles taking driving test. The only exception was the very vehicle that refused to allow me to filter to the next lane and cost me demerit points.

I’m glad to have passed my driving test. Special thanks go to my family members and friends for their support and encouragement. Not forgetting my driving instructor for his guidance though I paid quite abit just for his coaching and time as well as to the tester for his kindness.

# 5

Flags by colours

A pie chart representation of the various countries flag that is proportional to the area of the colour on the respective flag.

100 words every high school graduate should know

IKEA employee job test

What more can you expect when you turn up for Ikea’s employee job test?

The most creative programming book ever written

Learning Ruby? You might want to check out this creative programming book that’ll teach you ruby in a matter of seconds!

The last 12 weeks

This entry was supposed to be published last week but I didn’t manage to complete the draft until today.

Unknowingly, 12 weeks seems to have come and gone in a flash. It wasn’t too long ago when I had to carry loads of personal stuff and prepare to stay in camp for the duration of my ground school course. I was apprehensive and doubtful if I’ll be able to survive and pass the 7 modules (8 papers) as laid out.

At least for the moment, gone are the days of mugging for exams over weekends and late into the wee hours if the paper is on a weekday. I dread of the many presentations that had to be prepared and research on, not to mention the tight deadlines. Certainly, there are advantages of living in camp and cool moments. This includes being able to wake up at a later time and avoid the morning rush hour traffic to work, group discussions and studies, LAN gaming and the list goes on.

It has been a great experience and most importantly, an accomplishment to have successfully cleared all modules and pass out from the ground school course. Although there might have been bad days and rough times, I’ve managed to overcome it with the help of my fellow course mates. On second thought, this is the just the beginning of my Basic Wings Course. There’s still a long way to go but before the next phase, I hope to be able to take a good break and gather my thoughts.


The edible car

Best mouse cursor

The web creative awards 2006 revealed the best mouse cursor.

I'm infected

Barely less than 10 hours ago, I wrote about how my colleagues were infected with conjunctivitis one after another.

This morning, as I struggled to open my eyes, I realized that my left eye was covered with a think layer of “eye wax”. It was sore, red and painful but my right eye was perfectly alright. I hesitated for a moment before deciding to visit the doctor.

When the doctor examined me, it turned out that both my eyes were infected except that the right eye was not infected as badly as the other. Now that I’m down on 2 days of medical leave, this is certainly most unwelcome and has certainly spoilt my day and weekend!

Update: I was curious what kind of conjunctivitis I’m suffering from and how to prevent it from spreading to the others. It seems that I’m suffering from bacterial conjunctivitis. For those whom are interested to know more about it, you can read more about it from the vision guide and here.



The remaining few fighting fit colleague of mine and myself were forced to take half-day leave for today and tomorrow as there was an outbreak of conjunctivitis among us and around the workplace.

It started on Tuesday when one of them was on medical leave for sore eyes. Then somehow, one of them got infected it didn’t take too long for the others to start rubbing their painful, reddish and tearing eye — all of which are symptoms of conjunctivitis.

This incident reminded me of the SARS crisis which Singapore experienced a few years back. It also serves as a reminder to everyone on how vulnerable we are when exposed to the unknown in the air. Lesson learnt from this episode: Never fail to maintain personal hygiene at all times because when the unknown strikes, it’s fast and can be deadly within seconds.


15 unforgettable cartoon theme songs

Here’s 15 unforgettable cartoon theme songs that were played when I was young. I barely recalled most of it except for Power Rangers, TMNT and G.I. Joe

Cool widgets

Yahoo! widget is one of the coolest applications I’ve installed in a while. I haven’t been able to stop meddling around with the widgets since installing it and I’ve spent hours searching for widgets and customizing it to my needs.

At the click of the mouse, I’m able to obtain the latest weather forecast, news report and even tune in to my favourite radio station. Daily horoscopes are delivered right to the desktop and what’s more…I do not need to pull up my mail client just to keep track of appointments and tasks as I can now take a quick glance right from my desktop! However, the downside of this is that I’ve yet to find a widget that enables me to be notified of new emails arriving in my inbox.

In terms of system resource management, the application consumed a fair bit amount of memory though it really depends on how many widgets you’ve got running in the background. At the time of writing this entry, the application consumed about 50 MB of system memory on my machine and I’ve yet to feel any difference in term of speed and stability.

Overall, I’d give two thumbs up for this awesome application. It comes in handy especially for those who constantly need to monitor stocks exchange as well as those whom find it a hassle to visit websites just to check on the latest scores.

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2007 visual illusion contest finalist works

Overclock Your Reading Speed

According to this article, increasing your reading speed will not only enable one to move through books more quickly, but it’ll also help one to be able to comprehend and process more of the information that have been read.

Interactive time line of British history

Soccer Field

Playing at this soccer field would prove to be exciting and challenging.

Life is great

I came across this quote by Lloyd Biggle Jr in a vegetarian restaurant few weeks ago. I must say it serves as very good reminder on why everyone should be a vegetarian.

Life is life’s greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life’s scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest.

What are you waiting for?


Get slim on the office treadmill

Undergrads' 25 most wanted employers

Google, Walt Disney Co, Apple, CIA, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Microsoft, Ernst & Young are some of the undergrads’ 25 most wanted employers.

Some preschooler thoughts of what happens to people when they are aging

Some preschoolers thoughts of what happens to people when they are aging. “You get older, you shrink and your body is scribbly.”

Interactive photo panoramas of London, New York, Edinburgh, Brixton, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, St Ives, Wales, France and Cornwall

Selfless or selfish?

Just weeks before, I’d this impression and thought to myself that something nasty is going to occur if no one takes the initiative to sort out the mess. Last weekend, as I returned to camp on a Sunday night, I went to sign the attendance book. True enough; the pages that were nicely drawn with lines to separate the different columns were used up. As expected, everyone started to ignore the fact that lines were not drawn and simply pen down the details. I was tempted to pick up a pencil and ruler to tidy things up but somehow, my heart and mind rejected the idea.

It didn’t take long enough for the duty officer to inspect the records and realized the mess. Before we all knew, the school sergeant major fired out an email to our wing sergeant major and instructed us to be confined over the weekend for not drawing lines. Now, it may seem that I was selfish and had I initiated to tidy the records, this would not have happened. On the other hand, I thought that why must it always be me taking the initiative to sort things out and get everyone out of trouble? Can’t someone else just have the same mentality? I’m not trying to project myself as a “hero” or whatever you term but when it is always the same old few who have to get the job done, you’ll realise you’ve had enough of it.

I thought that the punishment was a good opportunity for everyone to do some self-reflection. It has come to a stage where due to human nature; people will allow things to be taken for granted and have the mentality that someone else will get it done. Take a few moments to observe and you’ll be surprised to see the same scenario happening almost everywhere. If everyone were to behave in a selfless and selfish manner, trouble will come knocking at the door. As my course commander mentioned the other day, all it takes is for everyone to have a little initiative and share the burden. With this, things would have turned out much better and work gets done.


9 attitudes of highly creative people

Curiosity, confronting challenge, optimism are some attitudes of a highly creative people.