Overdue refresh

I’ve been working on some long overdue refresh to the site and have rolled out some of the updates today. To start off, the search feature on this site is now being powered by Google instead of an internal search engine that was previously being utilized. I realized that Google was able to return close to 90% of the search results accurately and thus the changes.

Next refresh affects the webscan section. I’ve added a permalink for each entry and it can be accessed either on the sidebar on the front page (by clicking on the date of the entry) or through the webscan front page and monthly archives. This should resolve the issue of users not being referred to the specific page that was searched.

I’m still working on a few more tweaks that will provide a better user experience. As usual, if you encounter any problems/bugs or even constructive suggestions, do drop me a line.

PS: Not seeing the changes that I’ve mentioned? Hit CTRL+F5 (PC) or CMD+F5 (Mac) to update the style sheets.