Photo Galleries

Over the last two years, I’ve managed to travel quite a fair bit. Be it to the United States for my intern-ship program or to Australia for my flying training, there are many fond and precious memories. So when one travels, meets people and visit places of interest, one would be busy snapping on the camera and eventually upload these photos to the internet — either for sharing or safekeeping.

With hundreds of photos currently stored in my computer and only available for off-line viewing, I’ve decided to create photo galleries and upload these photos for viewing on the internet. However, I’ve not been able to find a photo gallery service that satisfied my needs. Thus, I decided to hunt for one that hopefully can be integrated with the Movable Type weblog that I’ve been using. It didn’t take too long before I chanced upon Doug Bowman’s photo gallery templates which he has since made available for download.

Great, now that I’ve downloaded the templates, it’s time to get my hands dirty. I read through the well documented documentation and after spending endless hours customizing and changing a few template codes to my needs, I’m finally ready to launch the photo galleries section. For the moment, I’ve only managed to feature three albums though there’s more to come:

Note that each gallery page is limited to 25 photos display. You may change this setting by using the dropdown menu at the side of the gallery page. Also, you will need a standard compliant browser to view the photos though it known to work on Internet Explorer 7 as well.

For those who are still hungry for the technical details, you may want to continue reading. As I’m not using a Mac, what I’ve done is to import all my photos into Google’s Picasa, which I use it to manage my photos. Unfortunately, Picasa does not really live up to iPhoto’s features as described in the documentation and I had to switch between a few applications. I used Adobe’s Bridge to batch rename the file names in the form of YYYY-MM-DD-HHMMSS so that there’ll be no duplicates. Then, I exported the albums using Brett Discoll’s picasa export templates for movable type. As Picasa currently lacks a few features such as titles labelling for individual photos and date/time formatting, I had to manually edit the text file before importing it into movable type. This is indeed a tedious process and I hope that either Picasa would be able to add the missing features that I’ve mentioned or I’m able to get hold of a MacBook.

Guess this should be about it on the gallery. Feel free to leave comments or thoughts pertaining to the photo gallery.

Update: Photo gallery is no longer available on the main site due to redesign of the site. However, you can still view the archives.