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How to predict the weather without a forecast

A great photo collection of sand sculptures

Singapore HeritageFest 2007 – Childhood memories

Sparklette has exclusively featured an article on the Singapore HeritageFest 2007 exhibition that brought me vivid childhood memories.


Letter of complain to Philips


Two week ago, I sent an email to your consumer care department to enquire about replacement accessories for my DECT phone. Within seconds of sending the email, my mailbox chirped to inform me of new unread messages. Turned out that it was an automated email from you informing me that I’ll receive a response for my inquiry within four business days.

I waited patiently and checked my mailbox daily, eagerly waiting for your response. To my disappointment, I have not receive any reply from you till this date, not forgetting that you promised to reply my email within four business days. Feeling betrayed, I decided to look up for your phone number on the telephone directory and give you a call.

It took a few rings before an “interactive” machine answered my call. All I wanted at that moment was to speak to someone, a human, to resolve my query. Nevertheless, I patiently listened to the options issued by the machine and entered my choice accordingly. It took 3 prompts before I was given the option of speaking to a customer service agent. I thought that was it, finally a human is speaking to me.

To my horror, almost immediately after I have entered the option on my keypad, the following message was being played:

Please hold while your call is being transferred to a customer service agent.

We are sorry to keep you waiting. All our agents are busy. Please hold and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

and for every 10 seconds of waiting on the line, the following message was being repeatedly announced:

We are sorry to keep you waiting. All our agents are busy. Please hold and your call will be answered as soon as possible. The customer care officers are currently speaking to other customers who have called earlier. This interactive system allows you a choice to select the enquires you have requested and the system will provide an immediate reply. To make this choice, please return to the main menu by pressing 1, to choose to hold and wait for a customer care officer to speak to you, press 2.

After five attempts of repeating the above message, the system eventually directed my call to an answering machine. I refused to leave a message as I wanted to speak to a human, not a machine!

Eventually after three phone calls and going through the same channel, someone finally picked up my call. I started to enquire and explain what I’m searching for when suddenly, the customer service agent interrupted me midway and said “whatever”. I was shocked and lost for words for a few seconds as I have never encountered such bad customer service in my whole life! Without waiting for a response, she gave me another number and told me to call that number instead before hanging up on me.

Feeling frustrated, I dialed the number that was given to me by that rude service agent. Once again, my call was answered by that annoying automated machine of yours! It wasn’t long before another service agent answered my call and told me “wrong department”. I was fuming by now as not only was the first service agent rude and unhelpful, she had further worsen the situation by giving me the wrong number. Luckily, the second customer service agent was kind enough to take note of my particulars and query so as to pass it on to yet another service agent who will return my call.

I wasn’t expecting to receive any calls after going through the load of rubbish but someone from your company eventually returned my call and provided me answers on what I’ve requested for.

Judging from what I’ve experienced from this incident, I vowed not to purchase any Philips product in future. This is not because your products are lousy but rather, I would not dare to risk waiting for support department to entertain my queries while my Philips product is smokin’ away.

Yours sincerely,


# 4

Color Inspiration from Ales, Lagers & Stouts

Guide on how to adjust car mirrors to minimize blind spots

For drivers: A guide on how to adjust your car mirrors and minimize the blind spots. I’m not sure how useful this is until I experience it myself. Meanwhile, if you’ve tried it, do let me know!


Boy vacuuming cat won NPPA award

Spring cleaning

In case you have not notice, I’ve finally got around and made some minor changes to the site. A few categories have been renamed and some removed. The site has received a fresh update to the about page together with an updated write up and a few other miscellaneous stuff. I’m still in the process of tying up other loose ends and things might break along the way. Should this be the case, do let me know.

Unable to view the changes mentioned? Try reloading the site (Ctrl+F5) and the browser should pick up and download the changes.


The world map of social networks

Web trends for 2007, part 2

Earlier this year, I published an entry on how the folks at Information Architects have developed a train route look-alike map of this year’s big web trend.

Now, they have come up with version 2 of the Web Trend map that’s closely modelled after the Tokyo metro map.

iA WebTrends 2007 v2


The Internet periodic table

We all know that different elements when put together make up everything around us. Similarly, the internet is also made up of many elements for everything to run in harmony. Wellington Grey has created a graphic representing some of the internet most popular site.

Web Periodic Table

This is very nicely done and fun to look at though it makes me wonder what kind of compounds one can produce when the various elements are combined.


First to swim at North Pole

The real-life desktop

Reasons to eat slower

Eating your food slowly is not only about health but also lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a few extra minute to munch slower.


Beautiful photos of wine glass breaking into pieces

Eleven years later

Yes, it has been eleven years since I graduated from my primary school. Unfortunately, due to carelessness, I misplaced the contact list and since then, I have not been able to get in touch with many of my friends.

About a few months ago, I received a message on Friendster. It turned out to be one of my primary school classmates whom has been searching high and low for everyone in an attempt to organise a reunion. I was very surprised and delighted to have re-established contact with the rest, thanks to the vast amount of social networks available on the internet.

It feels good to see how much everyone has grown up though I was still able to recognise many of them. Most are pursuing their university education with a few already started working. Nevertheless, it was a good chance to catch up and talk about anything under the sun such as the good old memories and how mischievous we were when we were young.


Bon Voyage

It wasn’t too long before when we went for air grading as a group. Now, the time has come for the few within the group to depart for the next phase of our flying training in Pearce, Australia.

Though it’s only a few months away before the rest of us join them in Pearce, one would certainly few sad to see them off especially having gone through thick and thin together. Nonetheless, it was great to have them as course mates and soon, it’ll be my turn to join them in Pearce for training.


Keep an eye on the waterline

Just how much water is required by the human body each day? Here are some guidelines for water intake.


Typographica: Our favourite fonts of 2006

How to make a weapon out of a newspaper

Liquids, multi-tools, lighters, matches are banned items on flight as these are deem lethal weapon. What about newspapers? Will it be banned now that newspaper can be used to make a weapon.


Why is yawning contagious

According to a recent report from the BBC news, yawning is designed to keep us awake and it can be contagious if we see someone yawn.


Top secret war planes of Area 51

Stealth jets? Hypersonic bombers? What’s really being developed at the military most famous classified base, also known as Area 51.


10 most amazing facts about the earth

Why do most snooze buttons only give you nine more minutes of sleep

10 politically incorrect truths about human nature