Entries for August 2007

Linux machine behind every seat

It will no longer be miserable flying economy class. Singapore Airlines will be installing a linux machine behind every seat in its new fleet of aircraft for a more pleasant journey.


How sleep works

For those who are curious, here’s a good read up on how sleep works.


21 proven motivation tactics

Feeling unmotivated? Here’s 21 proven motivation tactics, thought I have my doubts on it.


Video: One in a million tennis mishap

Most unique wedding proposal

One of the most unique wedding proposal I’ve ever seen. Very touching and creative.


How to deal with post lunch sleepiness

If programming languages were cars

An interesting series of jokes wondering about what if programming languages were cars.


What's hidden inside the black SUV that follows the president

Solving the Rubik's cube in 26 moves

A rubik’s cube has approximately 43 quintillion possible configurations, even which a supercomputer takes a long time to unscramble it. However, a computer scientist at Northeastern University in Boston has proved that 26 moves are enough to solve any Rubik’s Cube, no matter how scrambled.


If god was programmer

10 unsolved mysteries of the brain

What we know, and don’t know, and how we think — an article on the 10 unsolved mysteries of the brain.


Happy National Day

I remembered when I was young, I looked forward to every National Day celebration. Over the years, I realized that this special feeling within me is still alive. I have not missed a single National Day celebration and I’ve always make an effort to watch the parade, whether on television or live at the stadium!

Though I did not managed to get the tickets to this year’s parade, I’m glad that I can still catch the live telecast on television. What’s more…it’s held in a new location and the event should be eye catching.

Happy birthday, my home. Though I’ve been out of Singapore now and then and sort of appreciate some of the culture and experience that doesn’t exist here, here’s where I grew up with my friends and family and this will always remain in my heart.