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Leaving for Pearce

And so after a month of anticipation and preparation, I’m finally set to depart for my Basic Wings Course flying training in Pearce, Australia tomorrow. The training duration is about 10 months and this will be a test of survival. I guess this will be another phase of my life and I do hope things works out fine.

In any case, I’ll try to drop updates whenever possible or when I get hold of an internet connection. Heard from my other colleague that internet is expensive in Australia and besides this, I doubt I’ll have that much personal time now that my life would be filled with aircraft checks, systems as well as squadron duties!



Barely less than 5 minutes ago, I experienced the first tremor in my life! It occurred right after I’ve swallowed my medication and the shaking confused me for a moment as I thought how could the medication effect kicked in almost instantly.

I stood by the table and held onto a chair with both hands as I was feeling very giddy and it seems that the surrounding was revolving around me. I wasn’t too sure if it was indeed the effects from the medication or a tremor. I stood by the window and looked out to the streets but everything seems normal — people were alighting from the buses and walking on the streets. However, I did hear a few screams from the neighbourhood and I hesitated if I should get out of the house.

Then, I saw the standing fan in my living room shaking badly. This confirmed my fear that it was a tremor and probably an earthquake had just occurred in our neighbouring country. Luckily, it didn’t last long and things are back to normal for now.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to poke around and see if there are any news reports on what I’ve just experienced. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: After repeated tries to load the Channelnewsasia website, I managed to pull out the breaking news confirming that an earthquake measuring 7.9 in magnitude had struck in the sea some 100 kilometres (60 miles) southwest of the city of Bengkulu, Indonesia.

Update 2: Many fellow bloggers seems to have experienced the after effects of the earthquake. Entries are being pinged at a very fast rate


iPhone unlocked

According to various reports and first hand experience, it seems that the iPhone has finally been freed from the AT&T network and it is now possible to use it on other networks. For the other geek fans, time to make your orders even before it’s being distributed here!


Hello, world

I’m finally back, not from any sort of vacation nor time-off. To be honest, ever since news broke on the departure date for my flying training, my schedule has been somewhat hectic and unpredictable. I can’t seem to gather enough energy and time to do self reflection, less to say sitting down to pen my thoughts in this blog. To my loyal readers whom have been constantly checking my blog for updates, please accept my sincerest apologies.

So, here’s a quick update on what has happened since last month. Just before National Day, my laptop decided to quit on me abruptly and I had to send it to the service centre for repair. Turned out that it was a hard drive failure after multiple diagnostics and the problem seems to puzzle the technician as well. As a result of the failure, I suffered some data lost and files were corrupted. Luckily, I managed to recover most of the files from my backup set though I still lost a few files along the way. This incident has taught me the importance of data backup and automating the process.

It has been three months since I’m supposedly to complete my national service had I not signed on. Most of my friends are either pursuing their further education in university or enjoying civilian life. I’m not implying that I’ve regretting making this choice but I must admit that there are times where I missed being a civilian and the freedom of life, especially after experiencing military life and its workings.

In exactly one week’s time, I’ll be departing to Australia for the second phase of my flying training. This will be a nine months course should I successfully complete the requirements. Based on what I’ve gathered, this training will be a huge difference from my previous one as it is very demanding and challenging. I guess I’m ready to pick up the challenge and I’ve cultivated my mindset to accept things positively, though I’ll be missing my family, friends and food back here.

For the next few days just prior to my departure, I’ll be busy sorting out all the necessary preparations and events that will occur. I was hoping to be able to clear my outstanding vacation leave from last year but that seems impossible now with the tight schedule that leaves no room for discussion. All this is credited to some “brilliant” individual who is demanding and has demonstrated a lack of foresight, understanding and compassion.

Enough said for now. Till the next time I write.


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