Entries for January 2008

Happy 50th birthday, LEGO

On Jan 28, 1958, the first Lego brick was produced. I remember the days where I spent hours on Lego bricks building structures from the guide and inventing my own ways. Here’s a time line of Lego Brick 50 years of achievements.

By the way, Google is also celebrating Lego 50 years anniversary with beautiful Google logo designed like Lego bricks.


Web trends 2008 beta

Following Web Trends 2007 (version 2 here) internet predicitions, the 2008 Beta Web Trend Map is even prettier featuring 300 influential web sites mapped onto a Tokyo train map.


Happy Australia Day

Australia Day 2008Click to view larger image

Group of colleague and I went to Langley Park to participate in Australia Day celebrations. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as people gathered by the river to watch air show and fireworks. Needless to say, I had a beautiful tan by the end of the event.


The best links for 2007

Jason Kottke has once again compiled a list of the best links for 2007.


Welcome to the new year

Welcome, 2008!

Barely a minute ago, we’ve all bid farewell to 2007. For me, it was a great year coupled with fun, exciting activities and memorable experiences. For the new year, I look forward to many more events and opportunities. On top of that, there’s a list of resolution that I hope to accomplish:


I’ve been going to the gym lately and I hope to be able to kick start my gym routine once again and build some solid muscles — though it’ll prove to be challenging when flying starts again. Still, I’m sure I’ll be make sacrifices and find free time to lift weights. Since my eye surgery in late 06′, I’ve been maintaining 6/4 for both eyes. I hope to maintain this excellent vision and this means spending less time on the computer and caring for the precious eye.


Another 6 months and I’ll have completed my basic flying training. I certainly look forward to the day I complete my officer-ship training and put on the ‘golden bar’ on my shoulders.


This should make up a big chunk of my resolution for the year. First and foremost, I want to improve my communication skills, interpersonal relation, patience and character. I realized that I’ve been lacking in these areas and hope to change for the better. As shown in the infoporn, I’ve only read a total of 3 pathetic books for last year. I hope to beat the record and improve on my reading list this year!

This should sum up what I wish to attain for 2008. Easier said than done but I’m up for the challenge.

Happy holidays!