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Courage is a state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to stand and admit wrong doings and mistakes. It is a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one’s character, especially when one is being asked to own up and spill the beans.

I believe that when one commits mistakes, one must have the courage to stand and answer for his actions. One must feel remorseful and guilty of the actions and more so if it involves innocent parties.

The question: Do you think majority of the teenagers out there have the correct attitude and moral courage to admit mistakes? More importantly, do they feel remorseful for what they have done?


Box is moving home

Just a heads up that my host will be moving the box to a new data center this coming Saturday, March 22 midnight The downtime is estimated to be about 12 hours though I think it’ll probably take some time for the site to come live. Don’t be alarm if you are unable to access the site. Meanwhile, go have fun or check out this list of 10 sites for finding wonderful things.


How far we have come

I was looking at the calendar earlier and little did it occur to me that I’ve already been here for almost five months. With four casualties and another two of my course mates whom have just completed half the course and left for the Undergrad Pilot Training (UPT) program in the states, the course strength now stands at a healthy figure of 17 — one of the largest course in history.

I remembered counting the days when I first arrived and found it hard to accept the fact that it will be a long course with uncertainties ahead. Looking back, reality came and went at the blink of the eye. I’ve experienced my first solo on a jet plane, flew in the challenging parallel runway operations as well as piloted the plane alone to the training area to perform aerobatics sequence. Never did it occur to me that I would come this far, with another half of the battle to fight before I complete the course.

Needless to say, I’ve had my high and lows throughout my stay thus far. I’ve fallen a couple of times but I’ve been taught what’s important is being able to cushion the fall and pick myself up. My instructor once used the analogy of ¹’new jet, new day’ and taught me how to relate it with my progress in flying. I realized that had I not been able to pick myself up, I would have continued to fall hard and eventually fail the course.

With instrument flying and a couple of formation and navigation sorties coming up for the next 3 months, life is only going to get harder but it should be quite interesting to learn new things. Hopefully, the seventeen of us would graduate as a course in time to come.

¹ new jet, new day means starting afresh with a new day, new mission and different aircraft. In aviator’s world, every mission and flight is never the same as before as we are bound with uncertainties (weather, emergencies etc.).


Happy 10th birthday to kottke.org

One of the first blog I started to read when I was first introduced to blogging back in 1998. Happy 10th birthday, kottke.org


Twhirl is now my favourite desktop twitter app

I’ve fallen in love with twhirl, a cool AIR-based twitter application that does best at organizing the Twitter experience.


100 best last lines from novels

Twenty Four

One year older as the days goes by with the number increasing and wrinkles growing . Like any other day, I woke up only to find someone knocking on the door. To my surprise, it was my colleague greeting me with a can of green tea — my favorite drink at the moment. I didn’t really expect anyone to remember the day but it certainly starts my day on the right track.

I don’t usually celebrate with candles and cakes because it’s just like another normal day. Nonetheless, thanks for the greetings from my family and friends who remember this day.