Anzac day

I planned to wake up at eight-thirty but ended up sleeping past ten and finally awake to the chirping birds by my window. We were suppose to attend Anzac Day commemoration but the management was kind to excuse us, fearing that we are unable to withstand the cold weather in the early hours.

The weather here has been predictable but erratic, with passing showers and sun shining brightly thereafter, and more showers and chilly winds. This has pretty much disrupted flying operations and slowed down flying progress for the courses, which means either our graduation date will be delayed or we can expect to fly more when the weather is good.

Long weekends like this are hard to come by (this will be the last for many months to come) and it seems that this particular one would be fulfilling. The course has been invited to a few instructors’ house and I guess it would be fun to hang out and relax after a rough week at work.