Now that the last few seniors from the most senior flying course have graduated, the ’senior’ title has finally arrived at our doorstep. Many would think that this automatically grants one more power in making decisions and that they feel ‘inferior’ over the juniors. Personally, I beg to differ from this persecution as I feel that it is morally incorrect to behave in this manner, not to mention that we are all trainees.

For one, as the most senior course, we should set good example at all times and not behave like the juniors. I remembered when I was the most junior course, duties were being passed down to us one after another and the most senior course will always find excuses to avoid them. Perhaps, many would say this is the culture of the organization but I thought that it was otherwise. It is more of the human mind being unequal and trying to exercise authoritative as the most senior course.

Certainly, I agree that duties will eventually need to be handed down as advance flying requires more preparation. However, one should not go away with the idea of ‘I’m the senior…pass it down to the juniors’ or ‘when we were juniors, this is how the seniors treated us’. This is the wrong mentality towards being professional and ethically wrong. We must be fair, tactful and earn one’s respect in handling responsibilities instead of just pushing it down the line.

I always tell myself that they may be your juniors in this phrase of training but some may eventually be your superior in the near future.