Entries for June 2008

Before I leave

In less than a month’s time, I’d completed the Basic Wings Course in Pearce and depart for home. I realized that I’ve not exactly experienced the local culture here in Western Australia. Thus, I’ve decided that I would love to try the following activities before I depart:

  • Horse riding – one of the most common and popular activity here in Australia that you don’t usually see it back home
  • Go Kart – For the thrill of the speed
  • Paint ball shootout – Bet it’ll be fun to experience life of a ‘SWAT’ team and scoring hits on opponents.

Can’t wait for weekends to come!


Lego keeps every single set they have released in a secret vault

A collection of photos taken from space of cities at night

100 best movie posters of all time

Why wear wedding ring on the fourth finger

Here’s a mystical beautiful explanation on why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger



As I embarked onto navigation phase of my flying training, maps and Staedtler markers surrounds me all day and the tedious process of preparing maps takes away precious time and crippled my leisure activities, thus restricting me from posting updates. I have been rising an hour early for the past couple of weeks to prepare maps, hoping that this painful ordeal of preparing maps will end quickly. Unfortunately, the weather has been unforgiving last week and this resulted in maps being redrawn numerous times.

Not to mention that things hasn’t been smooth sailing, with people committing offences and still not feeling bothered. These unnecessary spotlights have resulted in harsher measures as well as confinement. I wonder if one actually thinks of the consequences before executing certain actions. I have personally witness such situations and I felt disturbed because I can’t accept the fact that this will be the group of unprofessional people I’ll be working with in years to come.


Neurosurgeons don't hold mobile phones to their ears

According to a recent NY Times article, it is found that neurosurgeons don’t hold mobile phones to their ears. (via kottke.org)