Lately, I have been neglecting this blog not because I have lost interest in blogging but the energy state and time is simply not enough as I have been so pre-occupied with other priorities in life! There’s so much that I want to pen down, not to mention the draft entries awaiting to be published since my return from Australia.

In short, I’m currently into the last phase of my flying training and I have been posted for helicopters flying. I guess it should be fun since it’s totally different from fixed wings flying. For the past week, I’ve been occupied with ground school – studying rotary aerodynamics and aircraft systems. This only translates to less personal time, more notes to read and preparing for exams! Not to mention that I am trying to get back in shape after gaining that extra pound back in Australia!

I hope to get back in action as soon as I’ve sorted out the other priorities. For now, things will be a little quiet here with occasional post whenever possible!