In a loop

Ground school is over and whatever rotor dynamics or aircraft systems knowledge that I’m expected to know have been delivered within the short period of time. Right now, I feel like I’m back to the days when I first arrived in Pearce for flying training where I’m kept occupied with procedures, orders and aircraft checks to read and commit to memory. Honestly, I’m still trying to adapt and accept the fact that I’ll be exposed to this endless loop of change in environment and hitting the books just when I feel settled.

Perhaps I should feel glad that the dynamic change I have been experiencing enables me to exercise flexibility and not always staying numb within my comfort zone. Still, I must admit that it is quite a painful process to be going through within every few months! Fortunately, the people around me are friendly and the new environment seems less hostile though expectations remain unchanged.

I hope that all will go well for me and my course mates in the next 7 months of helicopter flying training. Having come so far, this will be the final lap before we earn the prestigious wings on our chest.