My first helicopter ride

After numerous sessions of practising checks and procedures in the simulator, I finally had my first helicopter ride this week! Can’t describe how great it feels being able to get airborne again since returning from Pearce and honestly, nothing beats the adrenaline rush one gets from flying though the speed is only a quarter compared to what I previously flown.

Just in case you aren’t aware, flying an aeroplane and a helicopter is totally different in terms of aerodynamics, flight controls and missions. Gone are terminology such as throttle, rudder and stick. Instead, we call it collective, pedals and cyclic respectively. One thing I definitely miss and took for granted is the big airspace we had back in Australia! Comparing the airspace back in Pearce, a section of the training area is already the size of Singapore! Imagine how much time is spent trying to stay within area boundary and keeping a lookout for other aircraft!

Not forgetting that they are so many other aviators all operating within the same confined space as well as the numerous airspace and exams restrictions imposed. I guess trying to fly within the little space available above this island will prove to be a big challenge!

Apart from flying, I’ve been busy with ground work as usual and it only gets more! Looking at the rate I’m progressing, I’m optimistic and I hope that I’ll be able to handle helicopter flying and make the best out of it though I’m still trying very hard to hover the aircraft right now! On a brighter note, my instructor mentioned this famous quote in the spirit of keeping us motivated.

To fly is heavenly, but to hover is divine.

I can’t comment how true it is but I’ll definitely share my thoughts once I’m able to hover perfectly.