Entries for November 2008

Life as a grooming scheduler

Last week, I was given the honour to learn the ropes and have a taste of life as a scheduler, managing the daily flight schedule and crew pairing. Simple as it may sound, I took up the challenge and soon realised it’s not an easy job after all! The significant difference between a real scheduler and mine is not having to worry the vital statistics and managing only a handful of events per day.

Based on the number of flights that can be launched for the day, I had to account for various considerations such as trainee’s flying currency, instructors availability, simulator restrictions as well as those with the most number of days of leave to clear before year ends. These aside, I had to ensure everyone have a fair share of duties and no one will be overworked.

Needless to say, during my time seeking exposure as a scheduler, I’ve seen those who are unhappy with the plan and will attempt to change the painstakingly drafted schedule to their own favour without even consulting me or have any due considerations for the others. I feel that this is unprofessional and these selfish individual simply pisses me off!

In any case, it has been a great opportunity and I have definitely gained a better perspective of being a scheduler.


Abraham Lincoln famous quote

I like this particular quote from the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”


The three three's

The three three’s is one of the many simply and yet effective strategy that helps to manage my flying. It was taught to me by one of the most respectable instructor back in Pearce during my basic wings course and till date, I always fall back on these whenever I find myself struggling.

First three:

  • Read
  • Ask
  • Experience

The first concept does not only apply to flying context but it is also applicable in our daily lives and studies. His theory is simple: through reading, one will gain huge amount of knowledge and bound to have questions to clarify. You will then find opportunities to seek clarifications from the subject matter experts (SME). Finally, with whatever knowledge you have acquired, experience it real-time.

Second three:

  • Pacing
  • Task Prioritisation
  • Create spare capacity

One of the main reasons for task saturation while flying in the air is due to poor pacing and task prioritisation. By mastering the art of pacing and prioritising, one will find the extra capacity to focus on other task and keeping a good lookout instead of burying the head within the cockpit.

Last three:

  • Power, Attitude, Trim (PAT)
  • Lookout, attitude, performance, attitude (LAPA)
  • Change, check, hold, trim (CCHT)

These are fundamentals of flying and it applies to all platforms, be it fixed or rotary wing and they are essential and effective steps to achieve accurate parameters and smooth handling of the aircraft.


Being fair and professional

This subject has to be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome and conquer within your own personality and desire, especially when it risks tainting the working relations with others. Easier said than done but once you are able to seize control of yourself and emotions, it will help to improve the working relations among your colleagues. I believe that in any environment, especially in a highly political working environment, one should display professionalism and control their emotions instead of sulking when things do not happen in your favour.

Lately, I have been increasingly annoyed by individuals who decided to take things into their own hands and make use of the situation to their. I find that this is being unprofessional and very unacceptable as you are being insensitive, selfish and simply making use of the situation to your own advantage. It is indeed disappointing, as you have placed the priority of your own well-being ahead of the others — so much for being entrusted as one who is able to defend the country, lead and take care of your men’s welfare!

Knowing that such individuals actually exist within my organisation worries me as I know that such an individual cannot be trusted and one will absolutely have no idea when the hidden weapon will be unleashed.


What's up

I’ve been procrastinating and neglecting this site for some time now even though there’s so much I want to whine and comment. Somehow, I get bored of the interface and the amount of trackback spam within the system that I’ve taken a blind eye and chose to ignore it.

Whenever time permits which hardly exist nowadays, I try to tidy things up a little and work on something better that’ll give a refreshing touch to this little space on the internet. Still, there’s this unknown hindrance within me that cause the procrastination.

Things should get better when the refresh kicks in with a complete new backend.