Being fair and professional

This subject has to be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome and conquer within your own personality and desire, especially when it risks tainting the working relations with others. Easier said than done but once you are able to seize control of yourself and emotions, it will help to improve the working relations among your colleagues. I believe that in any environment, especially in a highly political working environment, one should display professionalism and control their emotions instead of sulking when things do not happen in your favour.

Lately, I have been increasingly annoyed by individuals who decided to take things into their own hands and make use of the situation to their. I find that this is being unprofessional and very unacceptable as you are being insensitive, selfish and simply making use of the situation to your own advantage. It is indeed disappointing, as you have placed the priority of your own well-being ahead of the others — so much for being entrusted as one who is able to defend the country, lead and take care of your men’s welfare!

Knowing that such individuals actually exist within my organisation worries me as I know that such an individual cannot be trusted and one will absolutely have no idea when the hidden weapon will be unleashed.