The three three's

The three three’s is one of the many simply and yet effective strategy that helps to manage my flying. It was taught to me by one of the most respectable instructor back in Pearce during my basic wings course and till date, I always fall back on these whenever I find myself struggling.

First three:

  • Read
  • Ask
  • Experience

The first concept does not only apply to flying context but it is also applicable in our daily lives and studies. His theory is simple: through reading, one will gain huge amount of knowledge and bound to have questions to clarify. You will then find opportunities to seek clarifications from the subject matter experts (SME). Finally, with whatever knowledge you have acquired, experience it real-time.

Second three:

  • Pacing
  • Task Prioritisation
  • Create spare capacity

One of the main reasons for task saturation while flying in the air is due to poor pacing and task prioritisation. By mastering the art of pacing and prioritising, one will find the extra capacity to focus on other task and keeping a good lookout instead of burying the head within the cockpit.

Last three:

  • Power, Attitude, Trim (PAT)
  • Lookout, attitude, performance, attitude (LAPA)
  • Change, check, hold, trim (CCHT)

These are fundamentals of flying and it applies to all platforms, be it fixed or rotary wing and they are essential and effective steps to achieve accurate parameters and smooth handling of the aircraft.