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Video of stuff being thrown at George Bush

First helicopter check ride

I’ve wanted to write this entry since a few days ago but somehow, time isn’t on my side. Anyway, I had my first check ride on the helicopter last week and this marks the end of the first module and beginning of another challenging one.

The ride was relatively manageable until I departed from circuit to the training area for area manoeuvres. The first set up for my manoeuvre was smooth but unfortunately, the tester requested for one more. At this point in time, apparently there were some radio transmissions of another aircraft joining the area. Unfortunately, I was too fixated on achieving the proper parameters for my manoeuvre that I missed out the entire transmission. This was coupled with the controller relaying the wrong information to the aircraft that was about to join the area. Just as I was about to commence my manoeuvre, the tester pointed out a head on traffic. I attempted to search for the traffic but could not sight it as the visibility was rather bad. It was only after the second prompt then did I spot the traffic and initiated a break turn to avoid a collision!

Anyway, guess I’m considered lucky to have passed the check ride though the airmanship portion cost my grades! Still, it was a great lesson learnt and hopefully, I do not commit the same mistakes again


Great collection of dual screen wallpapers

Hand picked logo designs

Great hand picked selection of logo designs from LogoFaves. (via underconsideration)



HTMLipsum is a simple and excellent resource for web developers dummy copy needs for the web. (via creattica daily)


Time's top 10 everything of 2008

Video tour of seagate factory

The insides of a hard drive: video tour of Seagate factory. (via Scobleizer).


Last.fm 2008 chart

Last.fm has released its most popular songs, albums and artists of 2008. The rankings are based on number of listeners from last.fm database and to qualify for a spot on the chart, the music had to be released in 2008. (via Read/Writeweb)


Interview with book designer David Drummond

Following my earlier post on a year in reading for 2008 and favourite list of book covers, here’s an interview with book designer David Drummond on Books Covered blog


Use google reader like a rockstar

Smoke in cockpit

Was looking through some old notes on emergency handling when I came across this hilarious comment from an instructor. “If you encounter smoke in the cockpit emergency and panic while handling it, you will end up as cock in the smokepit.”


The stories behind Hollywood studio logos

Clocks with readable message every 12 hours

Kallang paya lebar expressway

2008 — A year in reading

It’s the time of the year again with the release of 2008 year in reading list as well as a compilations of favourite list of book covers.


Free sightseeing trip

Had the opportunity to ride on the back seat of the helicopter and played the role as a lookout man for my colleague’s instrument flight this morning. This is the first time (and expecting many more) in which I am “flying” as a non-flying pilot with no worries and enjoying the scenery! For the non-aviators, an instrument flight refers to flying the aircraft purely by relying on the aircraft instruments. This is the only means of navigating around safely when visibility or weather does not permit visual flying.

During the 2 hour flight as the observer, apart from assisting the crew in looking out for other traffic within the vicinity, I’ve made a couple of interesting observations which I thought one would never realise it when you’re actually flying. In a multi crew environment, there is plenty of emphasis in inter cockpit crew resource management (CRM). For instance, during an instrument approach, the cockpit was overwhelmed with activities such as setting up the instruments for the approach, obtaining the necessary clearances from the relevant ATC agencies, referring to the approach charts. On top of these, the pilots have to fly the aircraft and achieve the parameters as accurately as possible since this aircraft does not have the luxury of autopilot!

The only complain I have is the long ride and backaches. Unlike commercial aircraft that allows passengers to walk down the aisle, I have to remain seated throughout the flight. Otherwise, the ride was definitely an eye opening experience as I get to see almost the whole of Singapore, including some of its prominent landmarks such as the Singapore flyer and the central business districts.