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Beautiful sunset without rays

A little surprise from Delta/Northwest airlines

When the luggage appeared on the carrousel, I noticed that the luggage tag I’ve placed on it had gone missing. I thought to myself “oh, no big deal, it’s just a tag”. I suspect it could probably be anywhere since I’ve made multiple transits throughout the journey. Imagine the surprise I had when I received a package with the Northwest Airline company logo on it.

Delta NorthwestClick to view larger image

It was my misplaced luggage tag! Thanks to the kind employee from Delta/Northwest (you have very nice handwriting by the way) who found it and make the effort to mail it back. You’ve definitely gained the trust of a potential frequent flyer on your airline.


Goodbye Atlanta

Goodbye AtlantaClick to view larger image

Lining up on Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Runway 27 for take-off.