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Home made vegetarian sushi

Veg SushiClick to view larger image

Definitely one of my favorite food.


The forth incarnation

After what seems to be an extended vacation and busy tag line if you have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, I’m pleased to announce the forth incarnation of this site. If you are reading this from a newsreader, you should visit the site on your browser. This is one of the biggest projects I’ve been working on for the last few months, juggling between work and packing for relocation to the states. What inspired me to code a fresh design and embarked on rebranding was mainly due to inactive updates and existing posts that churns out paragraphs of text, which I thought was monotonous and unappealing. In short, I believe the new direction for this site is set to feature encounters in a photo log concept as well as interesting links and short articles.

What’s new
To start off, the forth incarnation features a wide view design layout for the increasing number of widescreen users. Most of the photos can be expanded for a larger view when you click on the photo itself. This is an experimental feature and I’m still working on fine-tuning it for a better experience. Each article published now comes with relevant keyword tagging and this process helps to keep the contents within this site properly organized. To search for articles, you may choose to browse through the archives or through the search form. These are just a few examples of enhancements done to the site in the sprit of better browsing experience within the site.

What’s gone
I have decided to drop support for Internet Explorer 6 users. If you are still using internet explorer 6, you ought to upgrade to a better browser since you will be missing all the good stuff on this site and many other good designs on the internet. Movie ratings, book review and photo gallery has been removed until I’m able to figure out a better way to publish the content. However, I will be posting most of my photos to flickr, which is being featured at the bottom of this site.

A redirector is in place to capture non-existing links request. Should you experience any difficulties while browsing the site, feel free to drop me a note. I would also love to hear your feedback on the re-launch of this site.

Update: Due to some technical difficulties, I’ve recently changed hosts. I suppose the DNS propagation should be completed by now and you should be viewing the latest design and contents.

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