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Japan airlines real-time flight video

Japan airlines real-time video screenClick to view larger image

I was absolutely amazed and impressed with the idea of viewing real-time flight profile video broadcasted from the flight deck when I took Japan Airlines recently.


Hello Tokyo

Tokyo Narita InternationalClick to view larger image

1.5 hours stopover at Tokyo Narita international airport before boarding the plane for another 10 hours of the journey.


Turning a staircase into a piano

In an effort to promote healthy lifestyle, Volkswagen came up with the creative idea of turning a staircase at a Stockholm subway station into a piano and captured how travelers responded.

The result: 66% more people chose the stairs over the escalator.


So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?

Unless you pay close attention to the design and font shapes, it will be a challenge to differentiate between arial and helvetica. My score: 16/20. (via simplebits)


Barack Obama’s perfect colgate smile

A time-lapse video of Barack Obama perfect colgate smile with UN delegates during a recent reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Countdown to departure

What’s so significant about this journey is that for this trip, I’ll be away from home, my family and friends for at least two years. Although I have been traveling around so frequently for the last couple of years, I admit that I still experience the homesick syndrome whenever I begin packing the luggage. Granted that I’m allowed to return home annually, nothing beats being at the comfort of home, the familiar surroundings and home cooked food.

My colleague and friends are envious but I suppose that’s entirely superficial. What will really overcome this fear and anxiety is the process and journey that I’m about to experience, which is also a test of independence.

You’re invited to join me in unfolding this journey by following me on twitter.

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Smashing Magazine October 09′ desktop wallpapers

One of the most looked forward to event on my calendar every month is Smashing Magazine’s monthly desktop wallpaper collection that features stunning wallpaper designs.

My favorites for the month of October 09′ are Beautiful Prague, On the road again, Hope and More Behind.


A photography collection of the oldest living things in the world