A humble beginning to 2010

An old saying goes along this line:

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

To a certain extend, I’ve got to agree with the above quote after I’ve had bad experiences of being unprepared previously and ended up paying a huge price. Although many will point out that the plan may be subjected to changes, I thought it is better than having none. This is why I make it a point to pen my new year’s resolution though I missed it last year unknowingly.

It is not so much of listing the items and announcing it to the world but rather, I felt that this method serves as a useful tool to keep track of goals I’ve set out to accomplish for the year – with a repercussion effect of pressure and reminders from friends and strangers whom may be interested with the progress.

Hereby presenting the 3 resolutions I hope to achieve by the end of 2010:

1. Visit the gym and exercise regularly
I have not been visiting the gym and exercising regularly since returning from Australia in 2008. As usual, one of the main reasons I’ve always managed to convince myself is work commitment and feeling lethargic. Of course, this is not entirely true and I realised I’ve just been getting lazy.

Before things get out of shape and I begin to fail my annual physical proficiency test, I’ve decided to live a healthier lifestyle by visiting the gym at least once a week even during busy work schedules. I’m pretty sure I can afford to sacrifice at least an hour during weekends with the exception that I’m being deployed elsewhere that has no access and privilege of working out.

2. Resume reading of non-work related books and articles
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. I figured that by resuming my hobby of reading and completing at least a book a month, I would have expanded my horizon and gain a better perspective of various subjects. Though there’s probably so much more to read and absorb in the course of my work, deviating and reading on other subjects, be it a novel or biography is definitely refreshing.

3. Better time management and remaining focus
Procrastination is the art of living with yesterday. Given the amount of work to complete daily and personal agenda, it will be disastrous and unforgiving if things started to snowball and get out of hand because of procrastination. Thus, I hope to work on my time management and task prioritisation skills in terms of administratively and getting things done without distractions.

In short, by achieving the above, it should put me in a better position – both physically and in character.