Entries for June 2010

Underwater free fall

Guillaume Nery, a french free diver performed an amazing base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole without any tank while being filmed by another free diver Julie Gautier, who was also without tanks!


Classics of famous photos in Lego

Neat collection of classic moments recreated in lego. (via kottke.org)


The customer service nightmare

Fresh from the oatmeal – Why I’d rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service.

Sometimes they’ll bury the phone number deep within the website to discourage you from calling.


Wake up music in space

From NASA’s history office, here’s a list of wake-up music for astronauts on their mission in space. (via kottke.org)


Maintenance engineer who flew 13 years as a fake pilot

Just like Leonardo diCaprio who starred in Catch Me If You Can, a maintenance engineer turned fake 737 pilot flew more than 13 years before being caught.

I got the crackpot idea to apply as a co-pilot at a real airline so I made myself a Swedish flying permit with a logo out of regular white paper. It wasn’t laminated, and looked like something I’d made at home. It was surprisingly easy. The documents look different everywhere in Europe. An Italian airline doesn’t know what a Swedish licence looks like. And you can forge all the IDs you need. I’d train there for two or three hours at a time—at least 15 to 20 times over one and a half years.

via (kottke.org)


The 8 phases of dating

Review of Sex and the City 2 by someone who doesn’t know anything about it

First off, ladies, I get it. It’s your Star Wars. The opening credits make your tummy tickle the same way the Star Wars theme, to this day, gives me a boner. I understand. A pair of expensive shoes worn by Carrie is just like a metallic bikini worn by Princess Leia.

Tim SiedellWriter certainly said it well.


Making the perfect thin and crisp french fries

There are a few factors that going into the making of a perfect fry and J. Kenji Lopez explains it all:

  • The exterior must be very crisp, but not tough.
  • The interior must be intact, fluffy, and have a strong potato flavor.
  • The fry must be an even, light golden blond.
  • The fry must stay crisp and tasty for at least as long as it takes to eat a full serving.

After over 43 batches of fries in the last three days, and I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found a way to consistently reach crisp, golden Nirvana.

Here’s the full recipe for those who can’t wait to try it!