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Year of blessings

This year seems to have come and past in a flash. I recalled that it didn’t seem too long ago when I choose to leave my engineers’ officer cadet training to join the air force as a pilot trainee, departed to Tamworth, Australia and successfully completed my air grading course before returning to OCS for my Air Force Service Term. Then, I dread of touring the Brunei jungle once again but eventually survived.

Before I knew, I managed to obtain my first and only silver for my physical fitness test (IPPT) before going for my eye surgery. It was then that I realized the convenience and wonders of life without spectacles. After due considerations and with a little effort, I’ve managed to take the first step towards obtaining a driving license. Then came the wisdom tooth surgery I had to go for due to work requirements. Fortunately, it quickly went by but I must say it was one kind of an experience.

Looking back at the resolutions which I’ve set in the beginning of this year, I glad to say that most of it has been accomplished with the exception of one, which is getting certified as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP). Indeed, there were many tough challenges along the route but it has also been a great year for all the luck, blessings and wonderful “gifts” that I’ve received from my family, friends and most importantly, god.

A year of ever revolving life changing experience indeed!


All I want for Christmas

Although it doesn’t and will never snow here, there’s somewhat this sense of magical feeling in the atmosphere. I’ve never celebrated Christmas but I do receive gifts from my aunt and cousins. The best Christmas present for me this year is a complete revamp of my room with new furniture, as well as a new LCD screen for my computer. It’s a 19′ wide-screen LCD monitor from Samsung that’ll enhance my movies watching experience on computers.

To complete the sentence, all I want for Christmas is not geeky gadgets or fanciful stuff. Instead, I’d wish for peace, prosperity and blessings from god.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore

I barely remembered watching last year’s National Day Parade (NDP) that was telecast on television. It seems that time passes at the blink of an eye as I grow older each year. However, I’m sad to say I won’t be able to catch the live telecast this year as I’ll be on my way back to camp. Nevertheless, I made it a point to record the event and I’ll replay it when I have more time to spare.

When I was still schooling, I remembered how we loved celebrating National Day as students in the uniform groups gets to participate in the parade and raise the flag. Most importantly, the next day is school holidays as well! Reflecting back, those were the good old days.

Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish my country, my home a Happy 41st birthday. As this it the last time the celebration will take place at the National Stadium, I guess it would one of the most memorable events in the history of Singapore.


06' mid year self reflection

At a blink of the eye, half of 2006 have past. While on my way to work this morning, I sat in the bus and thought about how I’ve fared for the first half of this year, whether I’ve achieved and/or tried to achieve what I’ve initially set out to do. There were also thoughts of how I can further improve myself to be a better person, in terms of character building and professionalism.

Let’s review my new years resolution for 2006. Then, I was looking forward to be transferred to the Air Force as a pilot trainee. It has been nearly four months (short of 3 days) since I was transferred to RSAF — something that I’ve really wanted to do. I’ve since completed my air grading course and am moving on to the next phrase of my training, which will commence in July back in Officer Cadet School.

In terms of physical fitness, it has definitely dropped drastically; especially after my trip to Australia for air grading. I only managed to pass my IPPT, though there is an improvement in my Standing Board Jump — something that I’ve always been weak in. Sometimes, I feel it’s a disgrace as people’s common impression is that officer cadet is the fittest among many other soldiers (less those elites & special unit). However, I’ve been regularly going for run, working out in the gym, weekend swim with my cousin and taking less carbohydrate.

I guess I’ve also learnt a lot about myself through conversations with friends, colleagues and a few incidents. I’ve learnt to think twice before speaking, better judge an individual and make appropriate comments. Many have told me I’m too serious (both at work and leisure) and can be hard and harsh on certain things. This makes me unsociable and “one that people doesn’t really enjoy being with”. I feel it’s appropriate to be serious when required but I agree that I’ll have to put in more effort to be more humorous, stay open and carefree.

In summary, these words below should help me better improve myself.

be more humorous, carefree, show more patience, think before talking, maintain conservativeness but open to ideas, reflect, less commanding and authoritative, sociable, work hard, street-smart, keep fit, professionalism

With these, I hope to be able to smoothly and successfully sail through the second half of year 2006. Till then, next reflection in 2007.


A simple gesture

Thanks to everyone who wished me! Though it’s a simple card that was presented to me, it’s the thoughts and scenerity that counts! This would be the second year I’m celebrating my birthday in a foreign land and it’ll be something memorable.


Leaving for Australia, Tamworth

This will be my second trip in less than 1.5 months out of Singapore once again. This time round, I’ll be heading to a little town called Tamworth in the western part of Australia for about 5 weeks. As many have already known, I’m going for my Air Grading Course (AGC) as part of being a Pilot trainee with the air force.

I’ve been waiting for this day – that is to join the air force as a pilot for sometime now and my dream has finally come through. Though this is only the initial step towards my wings, I hope I can take the mental tuning as well as give my best in everything I do. I guess this course would be something similar to that of what I’ve gone through in the Singapore Youth Flying Club 4 years ago.

Unlike when I was in America where I’ve got virtually 24/7 connection to the internet and physical access to a laptop, this time round, I doubt I’ll have such luxury. Thus, I’ll try to keep this weblog updated whenever possible. Until then, do visit this site frequently!


Year of Dog

We’ve just sent of the year of chicken and welcomed the year of dog! I barely remembered the last lunar New Year and here it came, once again! Last year, I was in the states and things were a little quiet. For this year, most of us (especially the National Servicemen) looked forward for this occasion, as it is moments to catch up with love ones and most importantly, the long weekend!

This New Year seems like any other day in the year. I remembered when we were young, my cousins and I looked forward for every lunar year as this is the time we have fun with all the goodies as well as playing with “pops pops” and fire crackers in the common corridor. As we grow, all these have became a favorite past time and memories.

There is a lot to catch up to do, especially the lack of updates on this web log. Soon, I’ll be able to dedicate more of my time updating and working on new features I’ve always wanted to on this website!

Last but not the least; let me wish everyone a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. May the year of dog bring you happiness, good luck and wealth!


Hello 2006

2005 have been an extremely fruitful year for me. Not only did I get the opportunity to travel and have a taste of what life is like working out there, it also marks a new chapter in my life as I’ve completed “transforming” into adult life and even enlisted for national service.

Here’s a list of my 2006 new year’s resolution so far:

Military Related:

  • To complete my OCS course and be comissioned as an officer
  • To be accepted by the Air Force and successfully complete my course as a Pilot trainee
  • Obtain IPPT silver and maintain the standard


  • Stay fit and healthy
  • Study for CCNP certification and get certified

Happy Holidays!

Update (06/02/2006): Now that I have joined the Air Force as a pilot trainee, I will not be able to commission as an officer in June (the day I was suppose to commission). Thus, point 1 has been removed.