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The best links for 2007

Jason Kottke has once again compiled a list of the best links for 2007.


Goodbye 2007

2007 infoporn

I’ve came up with an infoporn after being inspired by Kevin’s design. I thought it was an interesting way to sum up what I’ve done in 2007, though not everything was accounted for.

Not sure if anyone realized but each year seems to pass faster than before. 365 days just pass at the blink of an eye — I wonder if the earth is rotating at a faster rate or could this be part and parcel of growing old? In short, this year has been a breeze and things are a little quiet in my personal life and here. The only remarkable achievement would be my first solo flight and I’m thankful that all went well for me and my family.

What about you? How are you going to bid 2007 farewell?


Happy National Day

I remembered when I was young, I looked forward to every National Day celebration. Over the years, I realized that this special feeling within me is still alive. I have not missed a single National Day celebration and I’ve always make an effort to watch the parade, whether on television or live at the stadium!

Though I did not managed to get the tickets to this year’s parade, I’m glad that I can still catch the live telecast on television. What’s more…it’s held in a new location and the event should be eye catching.

Happy birthday, my home. Though I’ve been out of Singapore now and then and sort of appreciate some of the culture and experience that doesn’t exist here, here’s where I grew up with my friends and family and this will always remain in my heart.


Web trends for 2007, part 2

Earlier this year, I published an entry on how the folks at Information Architects have developed a train route look-alike map of this year’s big web trend.

Now, they have come up with version 2 of the Web Trend map that’s closely modelled after the Tokyo metro map.

iA WebTrends 2007 v2


The Internet periodic table

We all know that different elements when put together make up everything around us. Similarly, the internet is also made up of many elements for everything to run in harmony. Wellington Grey has created a graphic representing some of the internet most popular site.

Web Periodic Table

This is very nicely done and fun to look at though it makes me wonder what kind of compounds one can produce when the various elements are combined.


Welcoming the year of pig

And so the past few weeks of washing and scrubbing has paid off just for today. I remembered when I was young I looked forward for Chinese New Year as that is the time where my cousins and I get to throw pop-pops, lighting the stick that produces fireworks spark and eating all the yummy goodies and sweets. Looking back, I think we were simply in a world of our own as I had not known the tiredness of preparing for a new year.

Now that I’ve grown up, I’m not exactly looking forward for such events as they seem to be the same year after year. Even though all the hard work, it’s still great to celebrate Lunar New Year with new clothes and red packets to collect and most importantly, it’s a great time for family reunion.

Have a great and prosperous Chinese New Year.


Web trends for 2007

The folks at Information Architects have developed a train route look-alike map of this year’s big web trend. It shows the big players, current internet trends and how they are connected.

Like they mentioned, this is completely unscientific and almost useless but I find it as an interesting way to present the data.

Update: Version 2 of the map is now available.


2007 resolutions

Having spent the last few days of 2006 doing self reflection, I’ve came up with a list of resolutions which I hope to accomplish for this year. Before I list them, I thought of what’s the significance in listing out a New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I felt that resolutions are just like a roadmap that spells out what needs to be achieve for the entire year ahead. It also gives a clear direction on what needs to be done

When I initially penned down my resolutions for 2006, I was uncertain if I could achieve it but I made it a point to review it during mid-year to see how much have I achieved and how much more effort is needed.

So, what do I have in mind this year? To start off, I’m about to start my driving lessons having passed the theory tests. I hope to achieve my driving lessons before leaving for my basic wing training next year. Next, I want to achieve gold standard for my physical test as well as hit the gym more often to build up my body. Since my eye surgery, I’ve not been able to exercise and keep fit but this will change next year when I’m certified medically fit by the doctors. The amount of books I’ve been reading have somewhat decline over the past few months. Hence, I hope that I’ll be able to keep up on reading with at least one book a month.

As my Chinese language has worsened over the past few years, this year, I hope to be able to pick up the language and at least know how to read and write properly. Last but not the least, I wish to spend more time with my family and to have a successful and smooth sailing career and life!

What about you? Have you pen down your resolutions yet?

Have a great year ahead!


Stumbling with chinese

It didn’t took me long enough to realise my Chinese language of command have degraded substantially since graduating from secondary school. I hardly have the opportunity to “keep in touch” with it, less reading or even writing it. The only time I’m able to use it is during interaction with friends or family.

Our government have been actively prompting the use of proper mandarin, placing emphasis on the post-65 generation where the majority comes from English speaking family. Everyday, I read from the newspaper on how China is rapidly expanding into the global market and why is it important to master the Chinese language and even the culture to stay competitive. I have to admit that I dislike Chinese for the numerous strokes in characters and difficulty in using the words correctly. I’ve always barely passed my Chinese tests and exams while in school and I regretted not putting in more effort. Unlike English where one can roughly try to spell the words correctly by placing the letters around, Chinese requires a little more patience and understanding of the culture in order to master it.

With my current job, there’s almost zero possibility of using Chinese at work. All the presentations, briefs and even conversations with superior are in English. This made it tough for me to practice and master my Chinese language. However, I’ve thought of alternatives to counter this problem and could help me to improve or at least maintain my Chinese language standards. One of the most efficient and effective way is to read Chinese newspaper. I know it’s going to be tough as most probably, I would have to refer to the dictionary for every few words I read. (Yes, this is how bad I think it’ll be). Another way is to read from past Chinese textbooks and even well written composition books. I guess all of these would help to maintain my Chinese and speaking of proper mandarin.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to kick-off this idea and this shall be one of my new year’s resolutions for 2007.