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2009: A year in review

As I rewind and reviewed bits and pieces of 2009, I was amazed at how it arrived without any anticipation and past at the blink of the eye. I realised that I did not even write any resolutions for the year though I survived unknowingly. I thought that it was a relatively smooth ride for me having achieved a couple of milestones and achievements.

For one, I’ve finally realised my childhood dream of being a pilot and earned my aviator wings and began my career as a military pilot after 3 years and 2 months as a trainee. To top it off, I was granted my choice of platform that I’ve always wanted to fly and the opportunity to return to the states for short stint training. Before I knew, I was being re-stationed to the states once again, this time for a good 2 years!

Not forgetting the advancement with technology and the numerous gadgets I have acquired over the last couple of months. I’ve finally took the leap onto the Apple wagon and this includes being a proud owner of a 15″ MacBook Pro and an iPhone 3GS! This has got to be one of the biggest and fruitful changes after being a loyal fan of the PC for almost 20 years!

In short, I’m thankful to have sailed through 2009 peacefully with tremendous support from my family and a bunch of great friends whom I have met along my life journey thus far.

# 0’s best of 2009 music countdown

It’s time of the year again with releasing its great compilation of top artist and albums for 2009.


Let it snow

Dallas Fort Worth Christmas Eve 2009Click to view larger image

As I sat at my desk with a glass of warm milk looking out through the window, light snow showers arrived at Dallas Fort Worth, Texas during Christmas eve. This really sets the mood for the occasion.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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