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The forth incarnation

After what seems to be an extended vacation and busy tag line if you have been wondering what I’ve been up to lately, I’m pleased to announce the forth incarnation of this site. If you are reading this from a newsreader, you should visit the site on your browser. This is one of the biggest projects I’ve been working on for the last few months, juggling between work and packing for relocation to the states. What inspired me to code a fresh design and embarked on rebranding was mainly due to inactive updates and existing posts that churns out paragraphs of text, which I thought was monotonous and unappealing. In short, I believe the new direction for this site is set to feature encounters in a photo log concept as well as interesting links and short articles.

What’s new
To start off, the forth incarnation features a wide view design layout for the increasing number of widescreen users. Most of the photos can be expanded for a larger view when you click on the photo itself. This is an experimental feature and I’m still working on fine-tuning it for a better experience. Each article published now comes with relevant keyword tagging and this process helps to keep the contents within this site properly organized. To search for articles, you may choose to browse through the archives or through the search form. These are just a few examples of enhancements done to the site in the sprit of better browsing experience within the site.

What’s gone
I have decided to drop support for Internet Explorer 6 users. If you are still using internet explorer 6, you ought to upgrade to a better browser since you will be missing all the good stuff on this site and many other good designs on the internet. Movie ratings, book review and photo gallery has been removed until I’m able to figure out a better way to publish the content. However, I will be posting most of my photos to flickr, which is being featured at the bottom of this site.

A redirector is in place to capture non-existing links request. Should you experience any difficulties while browsing the site, feel free to drop me a note. I would also love to hear your feedback on the re-launch of this site.

Update: Due to some technical difficulties, I’ve recently changed hosts. I suppose the DNS propagation should be completed by now and you should be viewing the latest design and contents.

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Happy 10th birthday to

One of the first blog I started to read when I was first introduced to blogging back in 1998. Happy 10th birthday,


Goodbye 2007

2007 infoporn

I’ve came up with an infoporn after being inspired by Kevin’s design. I thought it was an interesting way to sum up what I’ve done in 2007, though not everything was accounted for.

Not sure if anyone realized but each year seems to pass faster than before. 365 days just pass at the blink of an eye — I wonder if the earth is rotating at a faster rate or could this be part and parcel of growing old? In short, this year has been a breeze and things are a little quiet in my personal life and here. The only remarkable achievement would be my first solo flight and I’m thankful that all went well for me and my family.

What about you? How are you going to bid 2007 farewell?


NxE's fifty most influential bloggers

North x East has published a list of the top 50 most influential bloggers whose voices are thought to have reverberate throughout the blogosphere.



After close to 3 weeks of coding and development, I’m pleased to present to you version 3.0 of PureHype. I have been tempting to give this site a full re-brand as I kind of got tired viewing the previous version. What finally inspired me to get down to work was when I saw Dan Cederholm’s neat design and decided to use his site’s structure as a point of reference in creating this site.

So, what are the new additions and changes since the previous version? For one, just like what Jason Kottke has done, I’ve decided to be bold and try out the concept of multiple content, single place. What this basically means is that I’ve consolidated and streamlined the contents into a single page — be it a review on books, movies or even interesting links, the most up-to-date content will always be presented on the front page. However, I’ve decided to keep the webscan portion on the sidebar as I’m not too comfortable with the idea of presenting it together with the main content.

Besides this, I’ve finally launched both the read and watch section after several months of delay. Both sections will contain reviews of books I’ve read as well as movies I’ve watched, thought I’ll try to write a book review whenever possible. For those who use a newsreader to read this site, there are new RSS feeds available and the default feed now contains both the main entries as well as the webscan links. What’s more, for the joy of it, the sidebar now features a list of songs I’ve heard recently though it might need more work on it.

Finally, you may have noticed that I’ve increased the font size on the main content area. Believe if or not, I no longer want both my readers and myself to strain the eye reading those small little words even though they might look beautiful. However, the font size for the sidebar remains unchanged as I figured that those are bits and pieces of information.

As usual, I’m still in the process tweaking the site for a better user experience. Although I try to tie up all loose ends, there’s bound to have certain corners that I’ve missed and things may be broken. In any case, please drop me a line and I’ll try to get fix.

Update: Since the design refresh as of 25/09, the books and movies section has been removed. Webscan has been merged with main contents. Thanks!


MovableType 3.3

Few days ago, Six Apart released Movable Type 3.3, a web log content management system that I use. Normally, I would install a copy immediately without hesitation but this time, I’ve decided to stay put and not rush into making any drastic change to my current configuration without first finding out which codes and/or plug-in will break.

Earlier today, I decided to download a copy and try it out on my local development machine based on my existing configurations. So far, things are working well except for a few errors which I encounter while trying to rebuild the entire site. Though I’ve yet to explore all the new features in this version, one of the most welcoming sights is the ability to increase the size of the text field while creating/editing entries as well as the larger fonts for easier view. However, it is disappointing to see that Six Apart has yet to implement WYSIWYG on the entry editor itself.

Some of the new features includes tagging, widgets, activity feeds and many others. Till this date, I have no idea what widgets is all about. I guess it’s time to update myself on this particular item.

If only I have more time to familiarize myself on the new features and how I can implement it into this existing web log…


Why I blog

I was inspired to create a web site and started blogging a few years ago after reading from the newspaper about web logs (aka blogging). You can find some background of this site here and more about me.

So, why did I decide to spend a good portion of my time designing this site and penning down my thoughts? To start off, I was into web standards and codes because I wanted to create something close to my heart and personal. On the geek side, it was to gauge my professionalism and obtain a sense of personal satisfaction on completion of the “project”.

This web log is a good avenue for me to view my opinions and thoughts. However, don’t get the wrong idea that it is where I vent my frustration or unhappiness because I think it’s inappropriate to do so. Besides this, it also enables me to practice proper writing techniques, speak up but not defame and/or pinpoint anyone directly as well as to improve my English language.

To sum it up, this web log is part of my life. It can be amazing to see how much have changed when you read the archives a few years down the road.


Year of Dog

We’ve just sent of the year of chicken and welcomed the year of dog! I barely remembered the last lunar New Year and here it came, once again! Last year, I was in the states and things were a little quiet. For this year, most of us (especially the National Servicemen) looked forward for this occasion, as it is moments to catch up with love ones and most importantly, the long weekend!

This New Year seems like any other day in the year. I remembered when we were young, my cousins and I looked forward for every lunar year as this is the time we have fun with all the goodies as well as playing with “pops pops” and fire crackers in the common corridor. As we grow, all these have became a favorite past time and memories.

There is a lot to catch up to do, especially the lack of updates on this web log. Soon, I’ll be able to dedicate more of my time updating and working on new features I’ve always wanted to on this website!

Last but not the least; let me wish everyone a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. May the year of dog bring you happiness, good luck and wealth!



During my first year in the polytechnic, my course manager used to say

The amount of knowledge and projects you are going to do during this three years will be challenging and intensive. If you do not put in enough effort to clear every assignment given to you on time, there is going to be a snowball [1] effect and eventually, you will find yourself doing three-and-half years of diploma while most of your fellow peers here will graduate within three years.

These words stayed in my heart throughout my three years in the polytechnic. Whenever I find myself lack of motivation to work on or complete my assignment and projects, I would just think of what he had said and things will get back right on track.

Speaking of which, it seems that I’ve gotten myself a huge snowball to clear – in terms of the outstanding number of weblog entries yet to be drafted/published and some features that was suppose to have been in placed since the relaunch of this site. I used to put the blame on time constraints due to military training and some other factors but during this few days, I’ve realized that the problem lies with distractions. I’m not one of those who gets easily distracted but sometimes, my mind just wonder off and I thought I’ve not put in enough effort to work on a task I’ve set out to do. Nevertheless, I’ve straightened things out and have gotten my thoughts organized once again.

Stay tuned for more updates with respect to both entries and features in the works.

[1] To cause to grow or increase rapidly.


An Introduction

It started when I got sick and tired of the design limitations I was experiencing while hosting my weblog with blogger (the free blogging tool). Being unable to do much customization, especially the lack of a good commenting system led to the search for a free web hosting service that enables me to install a more powerful blogging tool and customise my own layout without restrictions.

After 2 weeks of intensive template and style editing, I am proud to announce the launch of my new weblog — The revolution of A Bright Spark. This, as compared to my previous weblog has revolve from a simple and dull color website into a more eye-catching design. The layout has changed and this site is now feature the use of CSS. I have tried to ensure that the design caters for most of the common browsers that is on the market now. At this moment, this site seems to display properly on IE6, FireFox 1.0 & Opera 7. Should this site not display properly on your screen, do drop me a note.

I have wild ideas of further developing this site by completing certain links, tidying my design files and adding more content. However, due to time constraint, I may not be able to finish them anytime soon. With this in mind, it’s time for me to stop tweaking and get back to more important issues in life.