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Interview with book designer David Drummond

Following my earlier post on a year in reading for 2008 and favourite list of book covers, here’s an interview with book designer David Drummond on Books Covered blog


2008 — A year in reading

It’s the time of the year again with the release of 2008 year in reading list as well as a compilations of favourite list of book covers.


Read for life

Finally found the urge to start reading again. The last time I seriously picked up a book to read was in the beginning of this year when I was motivated to read this book titled “The Da Vinci Code” as I’m curious to see how much the movie that is expected to be launch in May, would differ from the novel.

Reading can be fun and it helps one to imagine better. I used to dislike reading but I was sort of influenced by my cousin during primary school. He’s the sort who loves to read and you never fail to see him with a book wherever he goes. My reading collection includes the famous Enid Byton, The Hardy Boys when I was young till the now John Grisham, Dan Brown and many other collections. I realized that I tend to read more thriller / science fiction novels but that has since revolved into a wide variety of reads.

I remembered reading an article from the newspaper which mentioned that every year, a few thousand books are being published. Yet, there are 52 weeks in a year. Assuming we are only able to complete reading a book once a week, that’ll be about 52 books out of the thousands out there. That’s only less than 0.52% (assuming 1000 books are published a year).

On the side note, I’ve always wanted to start a book section on this site. Works are in progress while I figure out the best approach to design and present on this site books that I’ve read, waiting to be read and other recommendations.

Just as the government actively promotes a healthy lifestyle with the slogan “Keep fit for life”, I would love to add the following: “Read for life, knowledge and fun!”.