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Licensed to drive…

a motor car! After numerous driving lessons and the amount of money I’ve “invested”, I’ve finally obtained my Class 3 driving license this afternoon. I’m in a state of mixed emotions at the time of writing this entry and no words can describe the sense of relief I felt when the examiner finalized my results.

My driving instructor was kind enough to give me last minute pointers just before I went to ballot for my test route. Time seems to tick by slowly as I waited anxiously for the balloting to begin. I looked through the list of testers’ name and the test route they are assigned to and prayed that I’ll be able to get my desire route and a kind tester. As I placed my hand into the ballot box, I simply picked one number and to my surprise, it was the test route and tester I’ve hoped for. I thought God was kind and luck was on my side now.

Everything went smoothly during the initial phase of the test and I could still hear my own heartbeat beating fast and furious. I managed to clam down and proceeded to clear my first obstacle. Next item was parallel parking. I was confident and managed to get the car parked neatly. Just as I was about to reverse the vehicle and get out of the lot, the vehicle struck one of the two poles! My heart sunk by a few thousand feet and I thought that’s it. I wasn’t too sure if that constitute an immediate failure or deduction of 10 demerit points.

I managed to steal a quick glance on the check-list and saw a tick on the 10 demerit point check box. My morale boasted a little and I carried on with the rest of the stations in the circuit uneventfully. The ride at the roads was relatively smooth except for a lane changing sequence which the tester thought was too abrupt. What’s more…I realised that generally, Singapore drivers are patient and kind enough to give way for vehicles taking driving test. The only exception was the very vehicle that refused to allow me to filter to the next lane and cost me demerit points.

I’m glad to have passed my driving test. Special thanks go to my family members and friends for their support and encouragement. Not forgetting my driving instructor for his guidance though I paid quite abit just for his coaching and time as well as to the tester for his kindness.

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