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Anzac day

I planned to wake up at eight-thirty but ended up sleeping past ten and finally awake to the chirping birds by my window. We were suppose to attend Anzac Day commemoration but the management was kind to excuse us, fearing that we are unable to withstand the cold weather in the early hours.

The weather here has been predictable but erratic, with passing showers and sun shining brightly thereafter, and more showers and chilly winds. This has pretty much disrupted flying operations and slowed down flying progress for the courses, which means either our graduation date will be delayed or we can expect to fly more when the weather is good.

Long weekends like this are hard to come by (this will be the last for many months to come) and it seems that this particular one would be fulfilling. The course has been invited to a few instructors’ house and I guess it would be fun to hang out and relax after a rough week at work.


Chinese New Year

I woke up to the sight of dark gray skies and heavy rainfall. It has been so warm for the past few weeks and the sight of rain coupled with the smell of fresh air is welcoming and perfect to start of the day. Back home in Singapore, I heard the sun is shining high after days of gloomy weather.

Today marks the start of long weekends and first day of the Lunar New Year celebrations. According to the zodiac calendar, it is the year of rat and this has nothing significant except that I’m getting old! I remembered when I was a kid, I look forward to every Chinese new year celebrations. Now that I’ve grown, every of such festival seems just like another normal day. This would be my second time spending Lunar New Year away from home. For many of my colleague, it is one of their first to spend new year away from home.

To my friends and family back home, may I wish that you’ll have a happy and prosperous new year.


Happy Australia Day

Australia Day 2008Click to view larger image

Group of colleague and I went to Langley Park to participate in Australia Day celebrations. The atmosphere was filled with excitement as people gathered by the river to watch air show and fireworks. Needless to say, I had a beautiful tan by the end of the event.


Happy National Day

I remembered when I was young, I looked forward to every National Day celebration. Over the years, I realized that this special feeling within me is still alive. I have not missed a single National Day celebration and I’ve always make an effort to watch the parade, whether on television or live at the stadium!

Though I did not managed to get the tickets to this year’s parade, I’m glad that I can still catch the live telecast on television. What’s more…it’s held in a new location and the event should be eye catching.

Happy birthday, my home. Though I’ve been out of Singapore now and then and sort of appreciate some of the culture and experience that doesn’t exist here, here’s where I grew up with my friends and family and this will always remain in my heart.


Life of a student and working adult

Within the last few years, I’ve experienced and slowly drifted away from the relatively carefree life of a student into the world of reality — a truly competitive and challenging working environment. It wasn’t long before I realized the difference and came up with a few comparisons between life as a student and as a working adult.


  • No worries on what to wear for school. It’s the same old uniform that many dread of wearing
  • You look forward to meet your friends in school and talk about anything under the sun
  • Before you know, it’s time for recess and a game of soccer at the field
  • Forgetting homework = Detention after school
  • If there’s no extra class, you’re free to go home or hangout at the mall

Working adult

  • You open your wardrobe and start deciding what to wear for work
  • You look forward to be at your desk and start clearing the amount of emails that have accumulated overnight
  • Before you know, you’ve spent almost 2 hours responding to emails and more work starts coming in
  • Unable to meet project deadline = Overtime, negligence of friends/family and risk of no performance bonus
  • It’s time to knockoff but your boss calls for a meeting that last late into the night

These are just a few typical example of life as a working adult. Of course, it isn’t like this everyday (at least for me) but it’s a great difference from life as a student. Thus, for those still studying and have always wanted to join the workforce, my advice is to forget about it and enjoy your youth to the fullest! Ultimately, you’ll still get to experience life in the working society for many years to come.

Happy holidays!


Game of Golf

Golf is no easy game in my opinion. As part of my unit’s Chinese New Year celebration, I had my first attempt for hands-on on a game of golf today at the Sembawang Country Club. Though it may seem like a simple game, it’s entirely a different ball game until you’ve really “hands-on”. Initially, I had a hard time in trying to learn the ropes of the game but after a few shots and coaching from the instructors, I’m finally able to see some far shots.

The main reason for this golf session is to let us experience what golf is all about as there might be a possibility that we’ll need to socialize in future and it doesn’t look good if you have zero knowledge in this area at all. However, I don’t see myself practising or playing golf anytime soon as I don’t really have the interest in this game, though it was a good experience.

On a side note, tomorrow will be the last weekday (except Fridays) where I’ll get to stay home in the evening as I’ll be staying in camp for the next two months or so. Hence, I won’t have that much luxury of a computer to use as well as personal time but I promise to update this site whenever possible. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the momentum going and swing back into study mode, now that my ground school studies have began.


Welcoming the year of pig

And so the past few weeks of washing and scrubbing has paid off just for today. I remembered when I was young I looked forward for Chinese New Year as that is the time where my cousins and I get to throw pop-pops, lighting the stick that produces fireworks spark and eating all the yummy goodies and sweets. Looking back, I think we were simply in a world of our own as I had not known the tiredness of preparing for a new year.

Now that I’ve grown up, I’m not exactly looking forward for such events as they seem to be the same year after year. Even though all the hard work, it’s still great to celebrate Lunar New Year with new clothes and red packets to collect and most importantly, it’s a great time for family reunion.

Have a great and prosperous Chinese New Year.


All I want for Christmas

Although it doesn’t and will never snow here, there’s somewhat this sense of magical feeling in the atmosphere. I’ve never celebrated Christmas but I do receive gifts from my aunt and cousins. The best Christmas present for me this year is a complete revamp of my room with new furniture, as well as a new LCD screen for my computer. It’s a 19′ wide-screen LCD monitor from Samsung that’ll enhance my movies watching experience on computers.

To complete the sentence, all I want for Christmas is not geeky gadgets or fanciful stuff. Instead, I’d wish for peace, prosperity and blessings from god.

Merry Christmas everyone.


My classmate's wedding

Secondary school classmate's wedding

Congratulations to the lovely couple! After nearly six years of courtship since secondary school days, they have finally tied the knot.

As I’m writing this entry, I wondered how fast time has travelled and how my life and the environment have evolved and changed over these two years. It has been ages since I last met my secondary school classmates and having missed the class gathering a few months ago, I was determined not to let this opportunity slipped by as it’ll be a great time to catch up with each other and furthermore, this was the first ever wedding I’ll be attending in terms of someone whom I know and of the same age.

Somehow, I had mixed feelings. On one hand, I was excited and happy for both my classmates but on the other, it made me wonder if it is appropriate to settle down at such a young age especially when I’ve not completed my studies, establish my career and most importantly, financially capable. What will happen when one day, one encountered difficulties and soon realized that it was a mistake to marry at such a young age? Will it somewhat affect the relationship and your life?

Anyway, these are food for thoughts. Personally, I feel that it is important to plan one’s future and work towards achieving the goal. I believe in fate and that things will take place on its own. However, this does not mean that I’ll be laying back waiting for things to happen. After all, as saying goes, your life lies in your own hands.


Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore

I barely remembered watching last year’s National Day Parade (NDP) that was telecast on television. It seems that time passes at the blink of an eye as I grow older each year. However, I’m sad to say I won’t be able to catch the live telecast this year as I’ll be on my way back to camp. Nevertheless, I made it a point to record the event and I’ll replay it when I have more time to spare.

When I was still schooling, I remembered how we loved celebrating National Day as students in the uniform groups gets to participate in the parade and raise the flag. Most importantly, the next day is school holidays as well! Reflecting back, those were the good old days.

Anyway, I take this opportunity to wish my country, my home a Happy 41st birthday. As this it the last time the celebration will take place at the National Stadium, I guess it would one of the most memorable events in the history of Singapore.


Youth day

It looks like I’ve past the youth day celebration era or am I really that old? If you were to consider my age, yes, I’m no longer a youth. I suppose I’ve completed my transformation from a teenager to young adult and finally into full adulthood though I believe many would say I don’t look and behave like one yet!

I remembered teachers continued to shower us with privileges and gifts during children’s day while I was in secondary school though logically, children’s day is a thing of the past. Many of us used to grumble that it is unfair for primary school students to take a break with the secondary and junior college folks during youth day as they are still kids! Furthermore, the older folks do not even get a day off during children’s day! Thinking back, I’m amused by the immaturity and naïve thought. I can’t exactly recall if Youth day is applicable to polytechnic students as I was too preoccupied with projects and competitions. Nevertheless, students in the polytechnic are not really bothered with such events as the education system and environment is somewhat close to that of universities.

Now that I’ve past this stage, I would like to advice the youths out there to appreciate and make full use of your energy and passion to pursue whatever you want to do while you’re still young. Of course, study comes first! Don’t start to regret once you realized that you should have done things you wanted to do at that particular age.

Anyway, let me take this opportunity to wish all my younger cousins who are still schooling, friends and youths out there — A very Happy Youth Day!


Year of Dog

We’ve just sent of the year of chicken and welcomed the year of dog! I barely remembered the last lunar New Year and here it came, once again! Last year, I was in the states and things were a little quiet. For this year, most of us (especially the National Servicemen) looked forward for this occasion, as it is moments to catch up with love ones and most importantly, the long weekend!

This New Year seems like any other day in the year. I remembered when we were young, my cousins and I looked forward for every lunar year as this is the time we have fun with all the goodies as well as playing with “pops pops” and fire crackers in the common corridor. As we grow, all these have became a favorite past time and memories.

There is a lot to catch up to do, especially the lack of updates on this web log. Soon, I’ll be able to dedicate more of my time updating and working on new features I’ve always wanted to on this website!

Last but not the least; let me wish everyone a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year. May the year of dog bring you happiness, good luck and wealth!


A welcoming break

Since my enlistment into OCS, weekends have been exceptionally precious. I usually get to book out on Saturdays at 3pm and will have to return to camp on Sunday in the evening (the time varies between 1900 – 2100 hours). For the first few weeks, booking out from camp means having to study for tests, complete my journey entries or even prepare the necessary personal stores required for training. However, I’ve come to learn how to multitask and reduce (or even eliminate) the amount of work related to military that steals away my weekends for personal time.

Now, this 3 days of solid break is definitely welcoming and I’m certainly not looking forward to go back to camp anytime soon!

To all my Indian and Muslim friends out there – Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.