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Air grading test 1 updates

Yes! I’ve successfully cleared my test profile 1 and I can now proceed for phrase 2 of air grading. The sortie went smoothly as pre-planned on mind and I was able to execute the requirements without much difficulty, expect for being unable to keep the constant 30 degrees angle of bank as required for my medium level turn and the “not so confident” circuits.

The tester mentioned that I was too relaxed and hence unable to hold the required pressure on the stick to keep the angle of bank. This was a surprise to me as I’m known to be nervous, especially during tests!

Anyway, the tester rewarded me for the good performance by allowing me to pull some aerobatic maneuver and demonstrating what inverted flight feels like!


Air grading test 1

It seems that not long ago, I’ve just experienced sortie one and here I am today preparing for my test 1 profile for tomorrow. Base on my erratic performance for the past few sorties, I should be able to clear my test tomorrow if I continue to perform like sortie 6. As this is the test week for phrase one, there are bound to have a few who will not be able to continue into phase two. Till date, three of my course mates have been unsuccessful and my course commander emphasize that we should not let our emotions overcome us.

I hope that I will be able to clear my test easily tomorrow and transit into phrase two smoothly. Till then, time for mental flying ya?


First sortie

After three continuous day of ground school last week, I was finally planned to fly sortie one today! It has been almost five years since I had control on an airplane and there is always this special sense of touch. As usual, I was the nervous type as I walked out to the aircraft together with my instructor, who so happened to be the 1983 cable car incident helicopter pilot who was sent to rescue the tourist trapped in the cable car. Based on what I heard from previous courses, he was famous for being impatient and one who would not hesitate to demoralize or “chop” students if they do not perform up to his standard.

Nonetheless, it was a great sortie as I was generally able to recognize the training area boundaries as well as take the aerobatics maneuver he pulled on purpose to see if I’m prone to airsickness. He emphasized much on flying procedures rather than flying the aircraft itself and I was taught how to prepare for each sortie before hand (mental fly) so as to perform well in subsequent sorties.

Here’s a piece of quote which someone mentioned to me before I left for Air Grading:

As a pilot, you need to stay ahead of your aircraft. If you do not plan well and only start thinking of your next action up in the sky, you’ll always be trying to catch up with your aircraft.


If only I could ride on this

I would certainly want to be one of those who pilot this kind of jet one day.

For now, enjoy this creative creation and amazing video clip: