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Making the perfect thin and crisp french fries

There are a few factors that going into the making of a perfect fry and J. Kenji Lopez explains it all:

  • The exterior must be very crisp, but not tough.
  • The interior must be intact, fluffy, and have a strong potato flavor.
  • The fry must be an even, light golden blond.
  • The fry must stay crisp and tasty for at least as long as it takes to eat a full serving.

After over 43 batches of fries in the last three days, and I’m happy to report that I’ve finally found a way to consistently reach crisp, golden Nirvana.

Here’s the full recipe for those who can’t wait to try it!


Home made vegetarian sushi

Veg SushiClick to view larger image

Definitely one of my favorite food.


The man who unboiled an egg

France’s most famous chemist Hervé This came up with the most strangest cooking tip — how to unboil an egg and produce 24 litres of mayonnaise from a single egg. (via


Reasons to eat slower

Eating your food slowly is not only about health but also lifestyle. Here are 5 reasons why you should take a few extra minute to munch slower.


Life is great

I came across this quote by Lloyd Biggle Jr in a vegetarian restaurant few weeks ago. I must say it serves as very good reminder on why everyone should be a vegetarian.

Life is life’s greatest gift. Guard the life of another creature as you would your own because it is your own. On life’s scale of values, the smallest is no less precious to the creature who owns it than the largest.

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