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Inconvenience of 2 cell phones

As the military camp does not allow the use of camera phones, I have to resort to switching between my old Nokia 6610 on weekdays and my camera phone on weekends. Not only does this bring great inconvenience everything I make the switch, I have to ensure that my contacts on both phones are synchronized. This can be a hassle as I have to manually take note of which contacts have changed and copy it to my SIM card so that I can recopy it to my camera phone while making the switch.

Thus, can anyone please advice if there are any other easier methods? Note that most new phones store its contact information on the phone instead of the SIM card. Yes, I can still view my contacts from the SIM card but it is more troublesome.


Christmas gift

This Christmas, my family decided to invest on a digital camera since our good old Chinon camera isn’t functioning as well as it should and that it is just too troublesome to buy films and eventually send it for printing. Here I present the stylish eye-catching baby of the family:

Nikon Coolpix S3 camera

With a high resolution of 6 mega pixels, 12x optical zoom and a beautiful 2.5-inch display screen, this babe is going to capture precious moments & memories as well as keeping me busy for the next few weeks while I go about snappin’

# 2

Got a new phone

Nokia 3230 cellphone

Finally decided to spend a portion of my first allowance on a new phone. Actually, I’m not really going for the phone but rather, a new mobile line since my existing line was prepaid and I have been facing lots of issues with it. Furthermore, I’ve been using my mobile phone more frequently since enlisting into military service and it makes sense to get a post-paid line.