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Context menu hacks

Feeling irritated by applications which adds an entry to the Windows context menu without permission? Or the amount of unnecessary menu item that displays when you right click the start menu button? I was figuring out how to remove these items from the context menu when I came across this link which proved to be useful.

This hack involves editing the registry and it is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy of your registry before commencing. To keep things short, here’s a list of registry entry involved:

  1. HKCR \*\shellex\contextmenuhandlers
  2. HKCR\AllFileSystemObjects\shellex\ contextmenuhandlers
  3. HKCR\Folder\shellex\contextmenuhandlers
  4. HKCR\Directory\shellex\contextmenuhandlers
  5. HKCR\ \shellex\contextmenuhandlers
  6. HKCR\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers


To start off, determine which item you want to remove from the context menu. For me, I wanted to get rid of certain items from the start menu right click context menu. Thus, I would navigate to the key HKCR\Folder\shellex\contextmenuhandlers & HKCR\Directory\shellex\contextmenuhandlers respectively. You would have to look through the list of keys and delete the entire key once you’ve located the right one.

With this, you would now have a clean and slick context menu.