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Eleven years later

Yes, it has been eleven years since I graduated from my primary school. Unfortunately, due to carelessness, I misplaced the contact list and since then, I have not been able to get in touch with many of my friends.

About a few months ago, I received a message on Friendster. It turned out to be one of my primary school classmates whom has been searching high and low for everyone in an attempt to organise a reunion. I was very surprised and delighted to have re-established contact with the rest, thanks to the vast amount of social networks available on the internet.

It feels good to see how much everyone has grown up though I was still able to recognise many of them. Most are pursuing their university education with a few already started working. Nevertheless, it was a good chance to catch up and talk about anything under the sun such as the good old memories and how mischievous we were when we were young.