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Selfless or selfish?

Just weeks before, I’d this impression and thought to myself that something nasty is going to occur if no one takes the initiative to sort out the mess. Last weekend, as I returned to camp on a Sunday night, I went to sign the attendance book. True enough; the pages that were nicely drawn with lines to separate the different columns were used up. As expected, everyone started to ignore the fact that lines were not drawn and simply pen down the details. I was tempted to pick up a pencil and ruler to tidy things up but somehow, my heart and mind rejected the idea.

It didn’t take long enough for the duty officer to inspect the records and realized the mess. Before we all knew, the school sergeant major fired out an email to our wing sergeant major and instructed us to be confined over the weekend for not drawing lines. Now, it may seem that I was selfish and had I initiated to tidy the records, this would not have happened. On the other hand, I thought that why must it always be me taking the initiative to sort things out and get everyone out of trouble? Can’t someone else just have the same mentality? I’m not trying to project myself as a “hero” or whatever you term but when it is always the same old few who have to get the job done, you’ll realise you’ve had enough of it.

I thought that the punishment was a good opportunity for everyone to do some self-reflection. It has come to a stage where due to human nature; people will allow things to be taken for granted and have the mentality that someone else will get it done. Take a few moments to observe and you’ll be surprised to see the same scenario happening almost everywhere. If everyone were to behave in a selfless and selfish manner, trouble will come knocking at the door. As my course commander mentioned the other day, all it takes is for everyone to have a little initiative and share the burden. With this, things would have turned out much better and work gets done.