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How to find images on the internet

Random knowledge has compiled a list of resources on how to find images on the internet. (via


Web trends 2008 beta

Following Web Trends 2007 (version 2 here) internet predicitions, the 2008 Beta Web Trend Map is even prettier featuring 300 influential web sites mapped onto a Tokyo train map.


The world map of social networks

Web trends for 2007, part 2

Earlier this year, I published an entry on how the folks at Information Architects have developed a train route look-alike map of this year’s big web trend.

Now, they have come up with version 2 of the Web Trend map that’s closely modelled after the Tokyo metro map.

iA WebTrends 2007 v2


The Internet periodic table

We all know that different elements when put together make up everything around us. Similarly, the internet is also made up of many elements for everything to run in harmony. Wellington Grey has created a graphic representing some of the internet most popular site.

Web Periodic Table

This is very nicely done and fun to look at though it makes me wonder what kind of compounds one can produce when the various elements are combined.


The real-life desktop

Web trends for 2007

The folks at Information Architects have developed a train route look-alike map of this year’s big web trend. It shows the big players, current internet trends and how they are connected.

Like they mentioned, this is completely unscientific and almost useless but I find it as an interesting way to present the data.

Update: Version 2 of the map is now available.


Internet is taking a break

As reported in the news, the earthquake in Taiwan has damaged a few undersea cables that connect us to the rest of the world. According to IDA, it is expected that the internet connection speed will be slow for the next few days.

Upon hearing this, I wondered how slow things could get and decided to check it out. True enough, surfing speed has come to a crawl and it took me a few attempt to login and post this entry. In fact, it’s slower than the 56K dial-up service I used in the past.

Depending on how soon connections will be restored, I’ll try to keep things organized and updated. Meanwhile, if you’re not receiving any email response from me, it’s simply because the internet has decided to take a break and there’s nothing really I can do to help improve the situation.


How to take back 20% of your bandwidth

Here’s how to regain 20% of your bandwidth. Yeah, slightly more bandwidth now.


Goodbye dialup, hello broadband

I’ve been a loyal dialup user for the last 6 years and it has been just fine for me to meet my needs back then. As technology advances, there’s a need to get faster internet connection to download large file applications or even the monthly software updates. With this in mind, I’ve finally made up my mind and change my internet connection on my home PC to a broadband connection.

All these while, I’ve actually tasted what broadband connected machines is all about and how it helps to be more productive with an “always-on” internet connection. Be it for gaming, IM, web development or occasional surfing of the net, it’s definitely worth subscribing to broadband now that the prices have been more affordable and most importantly, all the attractive gifts out there waiting to be grabbed!