Posts about’s best of 2009 music countdown

It’s time of the year again with releasing its great compilation of top artist and albums for 2009.


Goodbye 2007

2007 infoporn

I’ve came up with an infoporn after being inspired by Kevin’s design. I thought it was an interesting way to sum up what I’ve done in 2007, though not everything was accounted for.

Not sure if anyone realized but each year seems to pass faster than before. 365 days just pass at the blink of an eye — I wonder if the earth is rotating at a faster rate or could this be part and parcel of growing old? In short, this year has been a breeze and things are a little quiet in my personal life and here. The only remarkable achievement would be my first solo flight and I’m thankful that all went well for me and my family.

What about you? How are you going to bid 2007 farewell?


Real-time update of twits and playlist

This was what I’ve been up to for the last few days and it also explains the infrequent updates. I’ve been trying to find the most viable method to synchronize my recently played tracks on my blog without any third-party plug-ins. In the past, the tracks were updated only when I played the music using WinAmp on my desktop computer. Furthermore, I’m constantly switching between iTunes and WinAmp and there isn’t any free visualization for iTunes to achieve the same desire results. Hence, I came up with a PHP script to parse the RSS file, cache it locally and display it. With the script, I’m now able to use’s audioscrobble on any media player and my recently listened tracks will be updated accurately.

Next, I’ve also added my twitter recent posts on the sidebar. I came to know about twitter after reading Vanessa’s SXSW 2007 entry on how twitter was used during the conference and I thought it was an interesting and alternative means of communication. I use twitter mainly for short posts that doesn’t exactly qualify as an entry and the 140 characters limit makes things short and sweet.

Alright, this should sum up what I’ve been up to lately.