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Gone training

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be officially enlisted as a full time National Servicemen. It has been slight more than a month since I’ve returned from my internship program in the United States and I definitely miss life there! I’ll be away for Physical Training in Pulau Tekong* for 3 weeks since I did not take my Physical Test as I was in the states. Then after, it’ll be 9 weeks of Basic Military Training.

During this period, I’ll have no internet access! This means I will not be able to check my emails, launch my favorite newsreader to catch up with the latest news from the IT scene or even post an entry here (actually, I have not been posting much). I wonder what life is going to be like without computers for two weeks. I suppose I’ll be terribly lagged behind the technology scene when I return after 2 weeks of confinement.

On the brighter side, I guess this will be a good experience to learn about military life and to motivate me to exercise! After all, god knows how many times I have actually put on my track shoes and go jogging since I returned from America.

Till then, cya’ and check back in 2 weeks time.

*Pulau Tekong is an island outside mainland Singapore. The island is used mainly for military training.