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Excuse me uncle

While walking to the polytechnic for a swim this morning, I came across a group of students who were playing soccer at the school field near my neighbourhood. As I continued to stroll down the familiar stretch of route towards the institute and glanced at the never-changing morning rush hour traffic, a soccer ball suddenly flew over the high fence and into the heavy traffic, threatening to be punctured by a fast moving vehicle.

Luckily, most vehicles swerved in time to avoid being hit by the ball but one vehicle was not so lucky and the ball hit its side door. The driver did not saw the oncoming danger and did not have any idea what hit the vehicle. Upon witnessing the incident, I thought to myself if I should lend a helping hand to retrieve the ball. I’d decided that if the ball is near me, I would not hesitate retrieving it. On the other hand, I wouldn’t want to risk my life dashing across the heavy traffic just to retrieve a ball.

Just then, the boys ran to the fence and shouted “Uncle…excuse me uncle, can help take the ball”? I looked around and realized that they were yelling for me to help them retrieve the ball. Since the ball now lies near the pavement, I decided to pick it up as the boys can’t possibility leave the school compound to retrieve it and to save another vehicle from hitting it. Then, the boys said to me “throw the ball over the lower fence” and after doing so, they said “thank you uncle”.

I can’t help but to giggle to myself after the incident. Am I really that old that they boys called me “uncle” or do they have difficulties differentiating a young and old man? And certainly, I’d known better to throw the ball over a lower fence but at least, they were courteous.


On discipline

This topic has been discussed numerous times at work and each time, it is the same old reminders and enforcement. I’m kind of sick and tired of it not because I cannot uphold my discipline but more of having to put up with inconsiderate behaviour among the gang.

During one of the classroom discussions today, my superior once again reminded us to maintain discipline and stay out of trouble. I agreed with most of what has been said except for one particular point that in my opinion will send the wrong signal to the offenders. It was mentioned that most people would overlook things sometimes and it is only right for the others among the group to remind one another. I can’t helped but wonder how would one learn his lesson if the group is tasked to remind the person?

Supposedly someone constantly gets into trouble. Instead of accepting the punishment alone, the whole group will be punished simply because no one in the group bothers to help the victim avoid getting into trouble. Now, what message do you think one is trying to get across to the offender? I’ll simply put it that the offender will not be bothered since the group will get a fair share of the blame as well.

I think this is not the right approach for one to learn from the mistakes committed — not to mention that the punishment is ineffective. It is most certainly unfair for the rest to accept the punishment just because of the rash act of one, which is not within anyone’s control but more of self-discipline.


Rain rain go away

I’ve not seen sunlight for almost 3 days now as it has been raining continuously since Sunday. I’ve not stepped out of the house as well partly because I’ve nowhere to go and I dislike being caught in the rain.

Earlier this year when temperatures were soaring above the mid-thirties, people were praying for rain to fall and reduce the heat. Now that it has rained, the environment is so cool that there’s no need for the fan to be switched on. People wished that the rain would just die off quickly so that there won’t be traffic jams and one can reach home in a dry state.

I hope sun will be shining brightly tomorrow as I dislike carrying an umbrella out in the streets.


Because I fly

While entering a room back in Air Force School today, I was amazed by the new design and fresh coat of paint and somehow, this particular aviator’s poem caught my attention

Because I fly

I laugh more than other men

I look up and see more than they,

I know how the clouds feel,

What its like to have the blue in my lap, to look down on birds

To feel freedom in a thing called the stick…

Who but I can slice between God’s Billowed legs,

and feel the laugh and crash of his step

Who else has seen the unlimbed peaks?

The rainbows secret?

The real reason birds sing?

Because I fly,

I envy no man on earth.

How interesting.



Apologies for the lack of constant updates to this site. I’ve been extremely busy and frustrated as I’m trying to meet my project deadline. It has been a long time since I’ve touch programming and it’s a challenge to think through the logic and processes in a software application.

I hope this ends quickly as I dread of looking through the thousands of lines of codes.


Alt Tab Life

Things are getting a little quiet here as I’m busy with work, exams, projects and other things in life these few weeks. Last weekend, I burned my Saturday in camp performing regimental duties as well as studying for exams and only managed to book out on Sunday morning to spend a few hours at home before having to return to the camp in the evening.

This week is no difference as compared to last week except that I do have the luxury to spend more time at home but my personal time is still being occupied by projects. I hope this ordeal ends soon as I wish to have more free time to relax and doing non-work related stuff.

I’ll try to post the backlog entries (once again) when I have the time. Meanwhile, it’s back to work, work and more work!


The lift

As buildings and skyscraper get higher, the lift is an indispensable option when constructing buildings. Nowadays, modern building and housing apartments features lift that travels at high speed and even stop at every level and this provide great convenience older folks and especially those moving apartments. However, we human would naturally refuse to use the stairways even if it’s we need to climb few levels.

My apartment was build in the 80’s and the lift is as old as the building — though the town council refurbished it a few years back while my estate was undergoing interim upgrading. However, it only serves the 3 common corridors and this means many residents would still have to use the stairways to get in and out. However, I noticed that the lift is getting retarded while I use it every morning to get to work.

Here’s an outline of what I have to bear through every morning:

Me: Looks at the lifts indicator and sees both lift stationed at level 1.

Me: Press the button and wait patiently for the lift to move up. There’s 2 lift (A) & (B). Either would do fine.

Lift: Both lift negotiate and decides to move up at the same time. Thus leaving level 1 with no lift service.

Me: Saw the lift moving up indicator and waits patiently.

Lift: Arrives at level 6. Both decides to stop, open its door and continue negotiating who should move further up to serve its passenger.

Me: Looking at the currently state, I would have to depress the button again to trigger the life to continue moving upwards.

Lift: After 20 seconds, one would finally give up the argument and continue moving upwards.

Me: After a total of near 1 minute, the lift finally arrives. This excludes having to bear with the lift stopping by level 6 to pick up any possible passengers on the way down.


Remove before flight

I’m looking for this cool tag that I can hang it on my bag (or in future my flight bag). For your information, this is a cover used to cover certain valves and/or parts when the aircraft is not in operation.

If any of you so happen to see it being sold somewhere in Singapore, please drop me a note, leave a comment and/or SMS me to let me now where can I get it. Thanks in advance.



This is a self-programmed entry that has been programmed to be published on 04-05-2006 (or May 04, 2006). The last time such sequential date exist was in February 01, 2003 (01-02-03). The next time this entry will be programmed to appear on 07-08-09 (August 07, 2009).

So, what are you doing at this particular moment? For me, obviously I’ve long drifted deep into the wonderland!


A kind act

On my way home today, I saw a lady chasing after a public bus which was about to move off from the bus-stop. In my mind, I was wondering if there would be anyone kind enough to step up and signal for the bus driver to wait. To my surprise, a young Indian gentleman actually did it! From this little act of kindness, I see that there is still a minority of folks out there who are willing to go the extra mile for others in need of help.