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Teachers' Day

The last time I participated in a Teacher’s Day celebration was in 2001 — that’s exactly five years ago! Can’t believe time has past at the blink of an eye. If I remember correctly, at that time, there isn’t any kind of “off day” on this day and school’s as usual — except that it’ll be celebration and dedications to teachers. I guess nowadays, the youth are getting more pampered with the increasing number of additional school holidays. Of course, the teachers deserve a break as well!

Reflecting back, I must take this opportunity to thank all the teachers whom have guided and helped me in one way or another. There may be times where we may dislike or be afraid of a particular teacher due to the demand and expectations, homework or even punishment melted out but now that I’ve grown up, I realized that all these are part and parcel of a student’s life. If not for the bunch of dedicated and caring mentors, I may not even be where I am today.

I believe it is demanding being a teacher. One needs to be dedicated, caring, patience and know when to be stern when necessary — all of which are part and parcel of personal and character development. However, the advantage of being a teacher is that you are always in a learning process, that is, you’ll never forget the basics that were being taught to you once and I think this is a very good way to stay ahead.

To all my fellow teachers, mentors and friends who are in the education industry — A very Happy Teacher’s Day!


Signs of being impatient

As I was lying on my bed last night, I did some self reflection and realized that certain values I that was once part of me am no longer there. For one, I’m no longer tactful in handling situations and I’m becoming snappy and impatience over small issues and when I see the way things are done, it irritates me easily. So, I thought about it and asked myself what actually constitutes to this behavior and how can I regain the same old self?

The answer: I guess it was after my Pilot training that somewhat changed my character. This is partly due to the nature of my training — to be fast, sharp and decisive as you can’t afford to be slow up in the sky. Pilots are known to be proud and arrogant because of the tough training and how prestigious it is to be one. Thus, this kind of behavior will naturally be part and parcel of your life — even when you are not flying.

I’ve told myself I’ll change people’s perspective of pilots by being different. I don’t see why one must be arrogant and have “airs” over one. As for patience, it’s going to be a little challenging because one is so used to doing things the right manner yet swift and decisive. Maybe, I have to be able to change my perspective on ground and try to lead a normal life.


Memories from my internship

Last year this time, I was on a jet en route to Chicago O’Hare International and I was feeling apprehensive but yet excited about this trip. It was after all my first time traveling to such a faraway place and I’ll stay for good for at least a few months. The time has come and past and looking back, I’m glad I had such a great opportunity and valuable life experience.

I wished I could turn back time and go through the internship all over again but as a fact of life, it will remain as precious memories in my heart. Right now, I’ve entered another phase of my life and I shall be thankful and look forward for more exciting and challenging adventure lining up!