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Ugly side of my fellow countrymen

Term it honored to be the few chosen ones or the unfortunate few to be on the name list, I was on duty for this year’s air force open house. Being the first time participating in such a grand event, I decided to take it positively though this means I had to sacrifice my entire weekend!

As expected, the various aircraft on public display was overwhelmed with many posing for photos and feeling superior being in the pilot’s seat. Not forgetting the long queue for a snapshot in flying suit and helmet as well as the free aircraft rides from lucky draws. I can understand the reactions and anxiety of the general public who look forward for such events since it is not part of their daily lives to be wearing a flying suit or getting a ride in the aircraft.

What pisses me off is the mannerism and patience of the minority. Instead of being patience joining the queue and waiting for their turn, they decided to attract unnecessary attention by providing feedback and demanding immediate action to be taken. Being politically correct, I had to be nice and friendly but in my mind, I thought otherwise! I finally understand how people in the service sector feel when they had to tolerate demands from uncouth Singaporeans and put up a smile at all times.

With the government spending efforts to project the country’s icon worldwide, I feel so ashamed to have such people as my countrymen who made no contributions except to further degrade the name of this little icon with their actions and attitude elsewhere.