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Day ride

It has been a while since I last cycled and this afternoon, I finally had the opportunity to meet up with my cousin for a ride to somewhere further and not within the good old Bishan Park where we usually hang out. Since he had this cool new mountain bike which cost quite a bit, I was able to ride on the other cheaper version and test the limits of it.

We set off from his home and started cycling to our intended destination, which happen to be Lower Seletar reservoir. Honestly, I was in a state of mixed emotions as it was my first day ride and the distance that I’ll be travelling is much more than what I usually clock. I was excited and a little worried as I’d need to pay attention to the road conditions and terrain. The feeling is similar to driving a vehicle except that it is safer to ride on the pavement with little traffic.

During the journey, my cousin was taking the lead with his powerful bicycle and I tried to keep up with his pace. It didn’t take too long for me to realise that cycling on a cheap bike as compared to the better ones makes a big difference. The amount of energy exerted and distance covered is significant on a low end model. Just before we turned into the road leading to Seletar airport, my bike decided to quit on me. Apparently, it had enough of my high speed cycling and the gears extension derailleurs dislodged. Luckily, we were near some private estate neighbourhood and managed to borrow the right tools from a family to fix the bike. Speaking of this, I think Singaporeans are generally helpful and friendly (of course I’m not judging from this incident alone) when one is in need of help.

So off we go and continue our journey after the little misadventure. From here, I dared not test the limits of the bike again and decided to slow down the cycling speed. It didn’t take too long to arrive at lower Seletar Reservoir. We managed to stop by the side to catch a breather and enjoy the magnificent view but it wasn’t too long before we decided to head home as the sun was scorching. I managed to test ride his bike during the journey back home and it feels great. The ride was smoother and the amount of energy needed is much lesser.

Overall, it was a great “sight seeing” experience and workout. I would not have realised the remote areas of Yishun and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings if not for this day ride trip.


Life of a student and working adult

Within the last few years, I’ve experienced and slowly drifted away from the relatively carefree life of a student into the world of reality — a truly competitive and challenging working environment. It wasn’t long before I realized the difference and came up with a few comparisons between life as a student and as a working adult.


  • No worries on what to wear for school. It’s the same old uniform that many dread of wearing
  • You look forward to meet your friends in school and talk about anything under the sun
  • Before you know, it’s time for recess and a game of soccer at the field
  • Forgetting homework = Detention after school
  • If there’s no extra class, you’re free to go home or hangout at the mall

Working adult

  • You open your wardrobe and start deciding what to wear for work
  • You look forward to be at your desk and start clearing the amount of emails that have accumulated overnight
  • Before you know, you’ve spent almost 2 hours responding to emails and more work starts coming in
  • Unable to meet project deadline = Overtime, negligence of friends/family and risk of no performance bonus
  • It’s time to knockoff but your boss calls for a meeting that last late into the night

These are just a few typical example of life as a working adult. Of course, it isn’t like this everyday (at least for me) but it’s a great difference from life as a student. Thus, for those still studying and have always wanted to join the workforce, my advice is to forget about it and enjoy your youth to the fullest! Ultimately, you’ll still get to experience life in the working society for many years to come.

Happy holidays!


Cohesion night

Alpha Wing Cohesion

I’ve never really attended any formal social night event in my entire life and this is one of the first time I have to find a date for my social night (Wing Cohesion Night) event in the Officer Cadet School (OCS). I guess this event proved to be of good exposure of what socializing and entertainment is all about as I begin my journey into officership or even adulthood. Still, I would prefer not to socialize as much if possible except for events like this, which I’m left with no choice except to attend.