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Building a gracious society

I was catching up with some reading on current affairs a few days ago and I realized that there were many issues that concern the society being debated. It ranges from drink driving to little bugs, manners and etiquette — you name it, it’s being discussed. This made me wonder why those involved continues to commit the act without hesitation or thought.

Statistics have shown that road accidents in Singapore that occurred due to drink driving are on the rise, compared to 2005. Despite reminders from the police and stepped up patrols, accidents involving drink driving continued to escalate. It seems to me that either the punishment for drink driving is lacking or whatever campaign the authorities have launched to curb drink driving is ineffective. I’m also curious to know why people can’t be more responsible.

Perhaps, I would like to take this opportunity to suggest a better approach to tackle the drink driving issue. For every patron who drives, the keys to his vehicle will be handled over to the pub/club’s security for safekeeping. Those who drink are required to take a breath analyzer test before leaving the club and should the person fails; he/she will have no access to the vehicle and will have to take public transport instead.

As for the little bugs, I don’t think it’s appropriate for law enforcement personnel to patrol and play the hide and seek technique of trying to catch the culprit. Instead, the responsibility lies on the parents whom should have taught their kids and cultivating the correct behavior and habit from young. I remember when I was in United States, people there seems to have better etiquette. One will not see used serviettes or even a dirty table in the food court. The people are responsible enough to clean up before leaving for the comfort of the next user. I thought this was a wonderful and gracious act which I hardly see it back home.

So, this brings the question of how can we as individual help to contribute to build a gracious society. To start off, we can set good examples by doing the right things. For those young parents, teach your kids well so that the next generation will not repeat the same mistakes made. Of course, I’m not saying it’ll be 100% effective or we’ll see a perfect society but it should be a good starting point. After all, we all know that there isn’t a perfect world out there isn’t it?