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Underwater free fall

Guillaume Nery, a french free diver performed an amazing base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole without any tank while being filmed by another free diver Julie Gautier, who was also without tanks!


How to make tennis ball work for you

17 helpful tips to make a tennis ball serve you, as opposed to the other way around.


First to swim at North Pole

Game of Golf

Golf is no easy game in my opinion. As part of my unit’s Chinese New Year celebration, I had my first attempt for hands-on on a game of golf today at the Sembawang Country Club. Though it may seem like a simple game, it’s entirely a different ball game until you’ve really “hands-on”. Initially, I had a hard time in trying to learn the ropes of the game but after a few shots and coaching from the instructors, I’m finally able to see some far shots.

The main reason for this golf session is to let us experience what golf is all about as there might be a possibility that we’ll need to socialize in future and it doesn’t look good if you have zero knowledge in this area at all. However, I don’t see myself practising or playing golf anytime soon as I don’t really have the interest in this game, though it was a good experience.

On a side note, tomorrow will be the last weekday (except Fridays) where I’ll get to stay home in the evening as I’ll be staying in camp for the next two months or so. Hence, I won’t have that much luxury of a computer to use as well as personal time but I promise to update this site whenever possible. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the momentum going and swing back into study mode, now that my ground school studies have began.


A game of tennis

I’ve always wanted to attempt a game of tennis but just couldn’t find the equipment, venue and people to do so. Finally, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and attempt a game of tennis today with the air grading folks at the air force school. Frankly speaking, it isn’t really that difficult to play this sports but it can be real tiring especially when your opponent makes you chase around the ball in the court.

Though I can feel my forearm muscles aching after today’s game, tennis can be more than a game of chasing and hitting the ball after all!