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The route to obtaining a driving license

Many Singaporeans would know how expensive it is to obtain a driving license as compared to elsewhere in the world. It is known for the fact that one have to fork out a pretty sum of between S$800 for private coaching and up to S$1500 for professional school lessons — all of these does not guarantee that the candidate would pass the driving test on first attempt. So, one would asked that why does it cost so much to obtain a driving license in Singapore? One of the good reasons which I can think of is that this could be a good preventive measure put in placed by the governing authority to ensure that the drivers are professionally trained and accessed before allowing them on the road. It could also help to curb the number of people getting involved in accidents.

Now that I’ve reached the required age for obtaining a driving license, I’ve decided to start off with the theories (Basic and Final) before setting aside some time to take the practical lessons and eventually go for my driving test. Most of my friends obtained their license while studying in polytechnic but at that time, it wasn’t a priority in my list. So, what made me changed my mind? Well, I thought that since I’m now in military service and might need to drive in future, it seems logical to obtain a driving license now as I wouldn’t have any idea when I would need it and how to find time to learn driving when I have greater commitments in the near future.

Having passed my Basic Theory Test today, I’m looking forward to clear my Final Theory Test in less than a month’s time. Although I might not be able to (or will never) own a car, having a driving license is like an investment and it might come in handy, especially when travelling to a foreign country where public transport may not be as accessible compared to Singapore and driving may seem to be the best alternative.