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Visiting Washington D.C

I’m taking a few days off from work and will be heading to Virginia and Washington D.C to meet up and visit friends as well as to tour around since my visit to United States. I heard that this is a great time to visit D.C as this the so-called “cherry blossom” season where the streets will be blooming with cherry blossoms.

I’ve brought along my laptop just in case my host family has an internet connection. Here and there, I might log on to keep things updated but I’ll refrain from opening emails or anything related to work as I need a break!


Beautiful horizon

Sunset captured at 30,000ft, enroute from Hong Kong to Chicago

Evening sunset with a beautiful horizon as the backdrop — taken above 30,000 ft, cruising towards Illinois, Chicago.

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Off to North Carolina

After a month of VISA application & processing as well as preparation, I will be leaving to the United States for my internship at Cisco Systems, Inc tomorrow.

This is my first overseas trip traveling alone out of the country to such a far and foreign land — all without my family members by my side. To think of, this trip seems to be not too short or long. It simply can’t be described using words. I used to dislike the idea of having to travel alone without my family since I am quite reliant of them. This time round, it seems that I have set out to be independent and this will be both an endurance and independence test which is all part and parcel of growing up. I remembered that the last time I traveled to Thailand in 1996 with my third uncle and his family. I missed home so much although it was only a 1 week trip.

I won’t be updating so often till I get my laptop, an internet connection and settled down. But I’ll keep track of all the discoveries and post them when I have the time. I shall return on May 01, 2005