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The art of throwing water

Who knew that simple actions like throwing water can be an art.

The Morning News has an interview with the author and picture gallery featuring other water throwing art. (via


Underwater free fall

Guillaume Nery, a french free diver performed an amazing base jumping at Dean’s Blue Hole without any tank while being filmed by another free diver Julie Gautier, who was also without tanks!


Timelapse of the European airspace before and after the volcano

Bullet train that doesn’t stop

A brilliant concept of reducing train traveling time. Could this be the future? (via


From Denver to Singapore and back

A nice time lapse video of the journey from Denver to Singapore and back. A point and shoot camera was used to capture the scenes every couple of seconds. The video makes me think of home as I feel like I was in the trip.


Japan airlines real-time flight video

Japan airlines real-time video screenClick to view larger image

I was absolutely amazed and impressed with the idea of viewing real-time flight profile video broadcasted from the flight deck when I took Japan Airlines recently.


Barack Obama’s perfect colgate smile

A time-lapse video of Barack Obama perfect colgate smile with UN delegates during a recent reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


Video of stuff being thrown at George Bush

Video tour of seagate factory

The insides of a hard drive: video tour of Seagate factory. (via Scobleizer).


World flight pattern maps

Video of a harddisk operation

A video showing what happens inside a hard disk when we copy or delete a file and even a quick format of the drive.


Video: One in a million tennis mishap

What's hidden inside the black SUV that follows the president

If only I could ride on this

I would certainly want to be one of those who pilot this kind of jet one day.

For now, enjoy this creative creation and amazing video clip: